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Wall mounted lights


A Quick Buyer’s Guide on Wall Mounted Lights

Delightful layering of lights across your home requires a thoughtful mixture of various types of lighting lamps and fixtures. In spaces where only hanging and ceiling lights alone cannot suffice the design requirement, stylish wall mounted lights will provide the much required boost of both illumination and flair. Wall mounted lights are indeed a timeless fashion of lighting fixtures that can enhance existing lighting and design elements in every room of your home.

These lights never go out of style, and have been the central attraction of homes for centuries! Before the invention of electricity, wall mounted lamps and candle holders were critical for keeping rooms well lit and to get everyday work done. In fact, these antique and traditional lamps played a great role in influencing the modern wall light designs and many popular choices are still fashioned around these old yet golden lights. 

If the vintage look isn’t really your style then you can choose among the many simple minimalist wall lights as well as the modern and contemporary ones, that do come in a wide range of appealing styles and finishes. This wide spectrum of choice helps interior designers and home decor experts & lovers to maintain or innovate a cutting edge lighting design, while still retaining many classical and antique elements.

At Oorjaa, we embed multiple styles to bring about some truly inspiring wall mounted lights that have enlightened the homes of many. While you check out our designs, we do recommend that you follow this quick guide on how to select your ideal

How to Choose A Wall Mounted Light

To find the best wall mounted light for your home and space, in line with the style you desire, you should consider how these three design elements interact and what kind of statement you want to make.

Light Shades - They surround the light source or the lamp and direct the light. Shades come in various materials such as metal, wood, fabric, glass and more. And the materials do affect the light emitted. Each element has its own style and way of dispersing light.

The Mount - The mount or in most cases the backplates act as the fixture to the wall upon which the light is mounted through a connecting … (sentence is incomplete) . The color and material of the mount play a great role in creating the overall style and statement of your wall mount light.

The Connecting Arms - The arms connect the mount and the light source, thereby completing your wall mounted light. While most connecting arms are plain, they may at times have some subtle designs to improve the overall look and feel of the light.

In most modern and contemporary lights, the connecting arms are quite dynamic and movable, which can greatly impact the design as well as serve a multi-purpose role.

It is important to remember that these three aspects of a wall mount are critical when you are deciding the design. You have to ensure that you find a light that matches your aesthetic and add cohesion to your home.

You also get uniquely shaped designs that are custom created by designers to generate a certain look and feel. If you are into designer lights, then you should consider some interesting designs based on the purpose of your light.

Check For Additional Features Before Finalizing Your Wall Mounted Light

As you search and finalize the wall mounted light that fits your style, you’ll also want to check the technical details of your potential fixture to make sure that it will be easy for you to install and use.

It’s also important to identify what you want your wall mounted light to accomplish before you finalize your purchase. You should consider technical details such as the installation type. Do you want it with a cord and plug or with an on/off switch? Do you want it to have modern technology embedded into it, such as automatic dimming and lighting with voice commands?

Based on this review, you should make the final purchase which fits perfectly in your home. Also, you can check some of our exquisite designer wall lights that can fulfill your wishes. Happy shopping!