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Ceilng Lamps

Out Of Box Ceiling Lamp
Out Of Box Ceiling Lamp
From ₹224,460 - ₹226,120
Waves Ceiling Lamp
Waves Ceiling Lamp
From ₹108,982 - ₹111,506

Awe-inspiring ceiling lights to transform your dull space into something inviting & luxurious

Ceiling lights effortlessly beautify your entire living spaces by artistically adding an aesthetic appeal to them. Whether you wish to accentuate your interior decor with additional brightness or want to enjoy the atmospheric ambience with warm golden ceiling lamps, these lights fit seamlessly into your private space and enhance its charm. We have a vast range of classy to stunning designer decorative ceiling lights to suit any interior, from a friendly living room, cosy bedroom to sumptuous outdoors. 
Our trendy ceiling lights are made with high-quality materials and have a unique flair. The exquisite collection of our fancy ceiling lights ensures that your space glistens with brightness and exudes elegance for years to come. Further, with our focus on quality and craftsmanship, we create modern ceiling lights that add positivity, happiness to amp up the fashion quotient of your home. Therefore, buy ceiling lights of your choice and give individuality to your living spaces.  

Captivating ceiling lights you can pick to add a splash of your personality in your home

Find jaw-dropping Ceiling light online at Oorjaa now!

Living room ceiling lights- A flawlessly lit living room always lures more people in and sets the mood for an evening. Chandeliers & Linear Suspension lights are among those ceiling lamps for living rooms that are more than just decorative. These lights come with different designs and give your living room both modern but traditional and a classic look, making it look royal & grand. So, why wait? Shop ceiling lights at Oorjaa. Hurry!

Bedroom ceiling lights- Some styles, shapes, and ceiling lamp designs never go out of style, and pendant lights are one of them. You can hang Pendant ceiling lights on the side of the bed to give your room a contemporary feel. This light comes in multiple sizes, colours, and shapes and blends with your interior decorating effortlessly. 

Hallway ceiling lights- Looking for Fancy lights for halls? You are in the right place. Flush or semi-flush yellow ceiling lights are close-to-the roof and are best for hallways and corridors with low-hanging ceilings.  These Flush mount lights are available with plenty of stylish designs and work equally satisfactorily in a hallway, seating areas, and dining spaces. Popular as small ceiling lights, the flush ceiling lights can give your house a stylish and dramatic feel. 

Office ceiling lights- Track & Monorail Lighting has a trendy and chic appearance and oozes an architectural look that enhances the beauty of your kitchen, the living room, and even office. If you are searching for stunning balcony ceiling lights, monorail ceiling lights can revamp your spaces. Monorail lights are also ideal for bedrooms and are among the choicest roof lights for living rooms.  

Bathroom ceiling lights- Everyone wants a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere in their bathroom, and what can be better than a Recessed or in-ceiling light installed directly inside of the roof. You can get these new ceiling lights installed in shower stalls or over tub areas to make your bathroom look stylish and modern. Besides, chandeliers or big centre ceiling light can make your bathroom look clustered, so choose Recessed or in-ceiling light for small bathrooms.

How to choose the perfect ceiling Lights that suits your style & home

Decorative ceiling lights serve different ornamental plus functionality purposes. However, the correct placement of your favourite ceiling lamp, depending on the height of your room, size, and angle, is very crucial. At Oorjaa, we have traditional & modern living room ceiling lights with style and functionality features to intensify the beauty of the interior decor of the rooms.

  • You can choose stunning bedroom ceiling lights too according to your preferences from our online store.
  • Remember! Keep the budget, style preference, and size of your rooms in mind while selecting your dream trendy ceiling lights.
  •  For spacious rooms, you can buy a  lamp ceiling light like a Chandelier. Although, for a small kitchen, it is better to go with a Flush mount ceiling light. 

At Oorjaa, we have a mesmerizing range of balcony ceiling lights that you can choose for a warm glow and hotel-like setting in your room. 

Buy various colour and designed LED ceiling lights to brighten your home now! 

From colour choice to materials, design, and affordable ceiling lights price, Online shopping at Oorjaa means complete satisfaction. All you have to do is go to our website and choose your desired LED ceiling lights.

Ceiling light design to add character and glamour to your personal space

A bedroom ceiling light design can alter the mood from energetic, romantic, or peaceful. If you know what type of ceiling lamp design is ideal for your room, you can effortlessly make your room look more sophisticated. While LED recessed lights usually provide the ambient lighting replicating natural light, a chandelier or hanging lamp in your living room can make it look grand and rich.

 At Oorjaa, we have different designs, colour options, and materials options for you to choose from and illuminate your work counter, kitchen, or cabinet easily. To buy the best-in-the-market ceiling light design for living rooms, visit our store now. 


  1. What type of lights is best for high ceilings?
    Ceiling lights design like chandeliers & Linear Suspension lights, pendant lights, Track & Monorail Lighting, etc., are best for high ceilings.
  1. How to illuminate a high ceiling?
    Multiple chandeliers, low-hanging pendant lights, and even a decorative wall ceiling light can help make your entire room dazzling. Add table lamps, step lights, or uplights for ambience. 
  1. What type of light scheme is suited for rooms with a high ceiling?
    A huge bare-looking space can look cosy if you add  a gigantic pendant ceiling lamp light to add warmth and texture.
  1. Which type of lights goes well with a drop ceiling?
    Buy ceiling lights online like Standard recessed lights to enhance the look of your drop ceiling. 
  1. How to install ceiling lights?
    A room ceiling light is relatively easy to install. Turn off the power in your home, unscrew the light covering from the fixture, now screw in light bulbs, finish installing the Cover, and turn on the power.


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