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Looking for a Night Lamp? – Here’s a Quick Guide to Help You.

It is said that the first night lamp was created to shed light in the darkness and to replicate the power of a full moon’s serene yet blissful light, which can evoke strong feelings like the high tides of the sea. 

This simple desire to make a living space blissful with enough light – to balance the calm of the night and the need for a little bright, has resulted in beautiful, timeless creations.

Today night lamps are more than just lights. They are transcendent pieces of art, merged with technology, that can enrich your space and make you feel at home or in heaven. A night lamp is also a necessary fixture in your home to perform end of the day activities or to perform other critical activities.Last but not least, let’s not forget to mention, we feel secure with our night lamps around. They’ve become an essential part of our life.

In this guide, we talk about what makes a night lamp, the different types of bulbs used in night lamps and the designs available in the market that you can choose from.

Let’s get started.

Night Lamp – What exactly is it?

To understand night lamps, we need to get a little insight into artificial lighting. 

As we all know, we have two types of lighting: Natural lighting (from Sun and Moon) and Artificial Lighting (Man-made). Artificial lighting is further divided into three sections when it comes to designing a home or lighting a home.

-        General lights – These lights brighten up an entire room. For example, it can be the main light in a room, such as a tube light.

-        Task lights – Task lights are your reading lights or table lamps. Many task lights are also used as night lamps.

-        Accent lights – These are the lights that light up only a specific region. You will find them in art museums or on walls or while walking in part. Most night lamps are formulated as accent lights because they light a certain area of the room instead of the entire room. They spread just enough light around them to remove darkness.

So, generally, night lamps are used either as a task light or as an accent light. It is very rarely used as a general light. We strongly recommend that you don’t use it as a general light as it will not serve the purpose and might end up being a huge disaster.

Different Types of Bulbs Used

There’s one more important aspect to consider before we enter the design of night lamps, and that is the bulbs. No matter how beautiful a design looks, if you don’t pair it with the right bulb or light, it will not serve its purpose. Hence, it's pertinent to learn about the most commonly used bulbs in night lamps. 

Predominantly, three types of bulbs are used in night lamps, depending on the design. 

LED Bulbs 

LED bulbs are the most common electrical or artificial lights these days. They are energy efficient, have a longer lifetime, and, more importantly, illuminate the entire space. They have the best overall value of money when compared to other modern lights or bulbs. 

Many night lamps are built to suit an LED bulb, to take advantage of its many merits. However, it is best to choose a low-power LED bulb when you want to pair it with your night lamp.

Adjustable LED Bulbs/Lights

Thanks to modern technology, we now have adjustable LED lights or bulbs that make life a lot more comfortable. However, they are not very common in households and most night lamps are not built to accommodate adjustable LEDs.

They’re generally available with LED fixtures. If you are designing your entire home to have LED fixtures with adjustable led lights then you can definitely brighten or darken the space as in when you need.

Fluorescent or Incandescent bulbs

These are the bulbs that are mostly used in night lamps. They come in multiple varieties, shapes, colors, and brightness making them ideal for a night lamp. While incandescent bulbs consume more energy and generate a lot of heat, fluorescent bulbs consume less energy. 

When you purchase a night lamp, the provider of that night lamp will give the bulb along with the lamp. However, if they are not giving a bulb along with it, they will most certainly provide the specification of what bulb suits that lamp. You can then buy the bulbs with less power & brightness or more power & brightness, depending on your need.

Night Lamp Designs

Now, we’re getting to the most interesting and intriguing section of night lamps.

As we all know, night lamps are known for their style, elegance, artistry, and out-of-the-box thinking. While it is nearly impossible to categorize all the different designs available out there, we do bring together some common design patterns that you can choose from.

Natural Designs

The most creative night lamps that turn heads are done with natural material. These designs are inspired by nature. Some of the common elements used in natural designs are leaves, wood, crushed paper, etc. 

Most of the winning night lamps done by Oorjaa are natural designs, where we use crushed lokta fiber paper, banana fiber paper, teak or pine wood and create a night lamp that has a natural and enticing look. When these lights become part of a household, café, or even a corporate, they tend to set the tone for the entire room and make it look natural.

Brick & Mortar Designs

Designs created with feather cement and concrete are most common among night lamps. These designs blend in perfectly with the entire theme of the house or the space.

Brick and mortar designs combine multiple elements to bring a night lamp to life. For example, a mixture of feather cement and pinewood would create a truly delightful design. Oorjaa lights use this combination often to create robust and long-lasting night lamps.  

Abstract Designs

If you are looking for artistic and out-of-the-box designs that can capture visitors' attention and spark a conversation, then abstract designs are the one for you. There are no specific shapes or patterns in these designs and that’s where its beauty comes from.

They are made out of multiple materials. However, thread, steel and other moldable elements are most commonly used in abstract designs as they make the job easier and result in a beautiful design. They’re best suited for living rooms, dining areas, or sit-out spaces. 

Millennial Designs

Millennial designs are simple, modern, and straightforward designs, created to entice the millennials. Most millennials tend to have less time, so they prefer minimalist designs that do not require much maintenance or consume a lot of space.

A perfect example of a millennial night lamp can be a hanging light suspended on a thin line of steel with just enough encasing around the bulb. It illuminates only a little space that’s directly underneath it and not necessarily beyond its specified area.

Night Lamp Designs for Children

These are probably classic night lamps with inlaid themes that light up an entire space with stars, moon, fairies and wizards to entice the curious minds of children.  They create a magical atmosphere and they are also there to help the children go to sleep as they count the stars.

As we all know, children are not really interested in an art-like design. They want fun designs that are more dream-like.

Oval Designs

These are very common designs among night lamps. Oval designs are shaped like globes or pendants etc. They have a classy look and feel and they serve the purpose of minimalist lighting perfectly.

They are made by combining various elements to bring the piece together. They suit bedrooms, verandas, corridors, and balconies perfectly.

Places to Use Night Lamps

There are no specific places where people use night lamps . It all depends on the need. However, some common places are bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and balconies. These are places where you would need a little light during the night times. 

So, find out your need today and explore the various lamps available for selection as they are essential to your home or office space. You can buy a night lamp online without going out during this tough season of pandemic.

Oorjaa has the best designs and delivery to put a smile on your face. Check them out today and buy the best night lamp to serve your purpose.

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Choosing night lamps can get challenging at times. Here’s a comprehensive guide from Oorjaa that can help you make the right decision.


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