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Study Table Lamp


Title: Study Table Lamps

Sustainable Study Table Lamps that Spark Joy in Your Reading Space

The study table lamp lighting up your workspace should provide you with ample light that doesn't hurt your eyes or hamper your concentration levels. Moreover, it should add to the style factor of the space where you use your grey cells the most. At Oorjaa, we have an amazing collection of study table lamps that score high on both form and function. And, they are eco-friendly too. We work primarily with biodegradable materials, which is why every Oorjaa lamp fits right into a green lifestyle.

Placing high quality study lamps at your desk will brighten up your workspace, boost your productivity and more. The right amount of illumination at your work desk not only helps you focus better on your tasks but also takes care of your mood and motivation levels

At Oorjaa, we are the proud makers of environment-friendly lighting solutions. We ensure sustainability of every product we create by sourcing our raw materials organically, which the local craftsmen skilfully mould into artistic yet functional lighting fixtures to light up your desk.

Use the best table lamp for study to complete homework or learn your lessons efficiently. Study under the cool white light of modern lamps or use the adjustability feature of the study lamp to focus on the science project you are building up. The best study lamp for eyes will help prevent straining your vision.

Browse our stunning inventory of table lamps online and pick from our unique range of study table lamps today!

Discover the Types of Study Table Lamps that Appeal to Your Taste

Naturally obtained unconventional materials handcrafted by skilled local artisans to channel beautiful innovation in design, resulting in sustainable lighting fixtures to adorn your desk. This is Oorjaa for you, meaning energy in Hindi, literally infusing positivity at your workspace that drives you to be more productive, while lending a sophisticated edge to it.

Do you have a preference for an electric table lamp or a rechargeable table lamp for study? Or you are a fan of adjustable fixtures with energy-conserving LED lights? At Oorjaa, we create them all with an unparalleled passion for sustainability. Let us take you through the impeccable craftsmanship of the best table lamp for study that comprises our inventory.

Paper study table lamp

Oorjaa takes the quaint oriental paper lanterns miles ahead with its artisan creations that can convert any drab setting into a dazzling one in just a flick.

Drawing inspiration from nature and made from natural fibre, the Enzo Crushed or the Sea Urchins or the Oslo table lamps are mesmerizing specimens of fine art.

Also vying for your attention are the warm Orange Linear Tower or Helix table lamps, the very modern Unblock Woven table lamp and the interesting Shadowplay lamps that add a dose of whimsy to your décor.

Cork study table lamp
Corkwood is sourced from industrial waste and sculpted to form simple linear structures that can give your desk a new-age minimalist urban look. The LED Genesis or the Jude table lamps mounted on a wooden and metallic stand with brass fittings respectively are fine examples of sleek study table lamps handcrafted from light or dark cork.

Faux concrete study table lamp

Quarry waste, up-cycled to make feather cement, is moulded into eye-catching lamps in geometric shapes. Check out our Orbitre Woodlot or Chamber Pitch or the cubical-shaped Cubitate table lamps, handcrafted from feather cement, and set on either a wooden base or metal stand. All these embody the beauty of weathered imperfections in our surroundings.

Our Study Lamps are a Statement of Eco-Conscious Luxury

At Oorjaa, we craft extraordinary pieces of art-deco lighting fixtures that not only light up your world but also care for the earth. The foundation of Oorjaa lies in our deep concern for the environment and the sustainability of our actions.

Each of our materials is sourced organically. The production process follows stringent measures to reduce carbon footprint. Every product is painstakingly put together by expert craftsmanship to create one-of-a-kind illumination for your workspace. Major parts of our lighting fixtures are biodegradable, thus reducing the scope of adding to the earth’s landfill.

All this and a striking light that will help you focus like no other — that’s the beauty of an Oorjaa study table lamp. When you buy a table lamp for study from us, you get assured quality, extraordinary work of art and sustainable value apart from a graceful and functional accessory to your workspace.

Our range of study table lamps online promise to add a unique flair to your study room or reading corner. Check out our collection and table study lamp prices today!

LED Table Lamp for Study in Stylish Shapes and Hues

At Oorjaa, you’d get a wide choice of stylish study table lamps that are functional lighting fixtures in one hand and decorative accent pieces in the other. Add to it the environment-friendly feature of these lamps owing to the locally sourced, organic raw material like banana-fibre, lokta, hemp, jute, etc. Our paper is handmade from these natural fibres to be later moulded into beautiful lighting solutions. Add to them a pop of colour through the ancient. Japanese art Shibori and you have a breath-taking innovation gracing your workspace. Apart from dainty paper lamps for your study table, Oorjaa also creates edgy urban designs by using quarry waste and industrial cork wood that represent the weathered imperfections of our surroundings.

Most of these lamps and lights are mounted on wooden bases, making them a green choice for your desk. Choose from our range of eclectic table lamps for study or wooden study table lamps that allow you to make bold design statements while illuminating your desk aesthetically.

Elegant Study Table Lamp to Illuminate Your Workspace

Your study table lamp design should either fit in with the overall decor of your space or make a bright statement that stands out. If you have a cramped up work area, the design should ideally be slick and compact so as not to make the place look even more crowded.

At Oorjaa, we specialise in combining accent lighting with functionality. Our designs are mostly modern and minimalist, creating a visual interest depending on your taste and style. Check out our creations for the best table lamp for study featuring clean linear outlines or geometric shapes that will surely add a contemporary twist to your desk.

Form and function aside, our study table lamps are moulded from unconventional yet sturdy natural material like paper made from banana-fibre and lokta, and corkwood, faux concrete, feather cement, etc., thus making them a smart, eco-friendly choice for you. Light up your desk with an Oorjaa table lamp online while caring for the environment too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which lamp is best for studying?

Bright lamps with a cool white to natural daylight are ideal for studying. Choose a light with a colour temperature of 4000 to 6500 kelvin and a brightness of 450 lumens for your study desk.

Q. Is studying with a lamp better?

Studying in natural daylight is not possible after nightfall. So, when studying at night, to avoid shadow or dimness from general room lighting, a lamp at the study desk is a better choice.

Q. Why should I buy a LED study table lamp?

A LED study table lamp is the most energy-efficient choice available today. A LED bulb has a super long life as well. So it makes sense to buy a LED study lamp and not worry about replacing bulbs.

Q. What to look for when buying a study table lamp?

The factors that you need to consider when buying a study table lamp are:

Flexibility and design - Design wise, the table lamp should be eye-pleasing. It should also have directional flexibility to aim the focus of the light beam as and where needed.

Colour temperature - This will ensure that you can concentrate on your work without experiencing any fatigue.

Energy consumption - Whether the fixture is rechargeable or runs directly on power, energy consumption levels, etc., are also important considerations.


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