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Designer Table Lamps

Leaf Curl Table Lamp
Leaf Curl Table Lamp
From ₹11,793 - ₹12,781
Helix Table Lamp
Helix Table Lamp
From ₹16,299 - ₹17,079
Jude Table Lamp
Jude Table Lamp
From ₹11,755 - ₹14,656
Tower Woven Table Lamp
Tower Woven Table Lamp
From ₹17,407 - ₹20,450

Title: Designer Table Lamps

Bring Home The Luxe Factor With Designer Table Lamps 

Are you looking for a table lamp that can double up as a statement piece? Or, maybe you’re shopping around for designer lamps that can effortlessly glam up your interiors? Look no further than Oorjaa’s designer table lamps in India to spruce up your décor for any occasion or just to inject a dose of luxe in your space. 

At Oorjaa, we pride ourselves on developing sustainable lighting solutions in India. We specialises in the craft of making durable lamps and lights which enhance the elegance of your home.  

As visually appealing as they are functional, our range of ingenious designer lamps reflect distinctive artisanal designs with contemporary taste. All are available in a variety of unique sizes, colours and finishes to ensure they complement any interior.

These designer table lamps do more than just brighten up your space. With a steadfast focus on sustainability, at Oorjaa, we create exquisite lighting fixtures that invoke appreciation while fitting into your eco-friendly lifestyle. Lovingly handcrafted using environment-friendly green materials, every piece exudes the beauty of meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. 

Types Of Designer Table Lamps for Your Living Spaces

Whether you’re looking to create a space that radiates warmth and glow or wish to infuse some drama to every day décor, you can use designer table lamps to achieve the aesthetics you want. 

Want designer table lamps for bedroom or living room? Or night lamps perhaps? Or a workstation companion? Select from a dazzling range of designs and styles — buffet lamp, cylindrical lamp, globes, piano lamp, swingarm lamp, torchiere lamp, and many more. At Oorjaa, we make lamps and lights for every reason and every style. The size and the style of the lamps may differ, but they all bear the hallmarks of muted glamour.

Come, let’s take a tour of some of our bestsellers.

The Genesis Cork Table Lamp, handcrafted from industrial waste cork, is set on a teak stand with brass fittings. Add sparkling glitter to the sideboard or light up the study, it works fine in both spaces. 

In the tower-shaped Noble Table Lamp, we artfully combine natural fibre and industrial waste to illuminate any corner of your house. Install this lamp and see how the mood and style of the space morph into something magical. 

Place our Leaf Curl Table Lamp against the backdrop of a blank wall and watch the space come alive with nature’s vibes. Handcrafted paper crushed and moulded to resemble swirling leaves is the theme of this exotic lamp that can glam up any space it occupies.

Looking for designer bedside table lamps for your little ones? Gift them the enchanting Fairy Mary Table Lamp, which rotates on a pinewood base to tell a story part by part on each of its faces. This graphical lamp handcrafted from lokta fibre paper will be the perfect bedside companion for your child.

Spice up your work-from-home regime with the stylishly contemporary Cork Sleek Table Lamp set on a metal stand that will help you focus on work harder.

Add a perky glow to a cushy armchair and side table combo by the bay window with the Cubitre Woodlot Table Lamp. Moulded from feather cement and set on a teak wood base, this lamp represents the weathered imperfections of our environment.

The Vineyard Bloom Table Lamp will be an elegant addition to your bedside, infusing a warm glow into the ambience. Crafted from banana fibre paper, this lamp draws inspiration from the flowers that bloom in the wilderness.

The Parrots Shadow Play Table Lamp creates a magical luminance with laser-cut parrots on lokta/ banana fibre translucent paper shades. Watch the eloquence of shadow puppetry unfold as this lamp glows brightly in the dark. 

The Sustainable Value of Our Designer Table Lamps 

Give your interiors a makeover with Oorjaa designer table lamps minus the time-taking and pocket-burning hassles of renovation or over-the-top decor overhaul. The finest samples of exemplary craftsmanship, these lamps are more than art-deco pieces or functional illumination for your home.

Oorjaa table lamps for living room modern are sustainably built through an energy-efficient production process with biodegradable materials that do not pollute the earth in any way. So when you buy designer table lamps from Oorjaa, you are putting a green foot forward. 

Local artisans put together each lighting fixture to craft the exquisiteness that illuminates your home. Moreover, the raw materials are sourced organically, keeping with our ethos of being green producers of lamps and lights. 

Explore the Oorjaa collection of designer table lamps online. We are sure that you’ll find fantastic options that are suited to your tastes and needs. 

Create Drama Through Illumination, Colour, Texture, And More With Small Designer Table Lamps 

Our stunning collection of designer table lamps at Oorjaa are made of paper derived from natural fibres like banana-fibre, hemp, jute, lokta, sisal, etc. Despite being made with such fragile material, our lighting fixtures are sturdy and can last a lifetime with a bit of care from you. 

We abundantly use industrial waste products like corkwood and quarry dust to create artistic structures that can set your mood alight besides looking fabulous.

To top it up, Japanese art Shibori embellishes our large designer table lamps to create mesmerizing pops of light. 

All these together constitute Oorjaa’s unconventional lighting fixtures that reflect a unique charisma. Even if you are a fan of designer ceramic table lamps or designer crystal table lamps, give the timeless aesthetics of handcrafted lamps a shot, and we bet you will soon be a convert!

Minimalist Yet Sturdy Designs Of Oorjaa Designer Table Lamps For A Contemporary Home

At Oorjaa, we invest our energies in coming up with innovations in designer table lamp ideas that complement the modern urban interiors. Structurally, our lamps and lights belong to industrial and mid-century modern styles.  Not over the top design elements but simple geometrical shapes dominate our creations. 

Our design aesthetics are quirky yet have a timeless appeal that cannot be overlooked. Feather cement and faux concrete as well as corkwood shaped like globes, cylinders or simple cubes are versatile enough to fit perfectly in a study desk or the lone side table by the high-back recliner. Handmade paper crushed and moulded to shape like swirling leaves or wild blooms brings home a touch of nature. 

Each of these incredible handcrafted pieces will bring your home decor alive, fill your interiors with warmth and cosiness, delight your guests with magical luminance, and make you feel proud of your investment. Take a look at Oorjaa artisan table lamps online India and be bemused. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the ideal height of designer bedside lamps?

Ideally, the bottom of the designer bedside lampshade should be at your eye level for a comfortable read. Lower than that and you’ll have to strain your vision to read while the shade above your eye level will cause the light beam to glare at your eyes.

Q. How do I choose the right designer table lamp for my bedroom?

To choose the right designer table lamp for your bedroom, you need to consider the existing decor and the colour palette of the room. The height of the lamp and the width of the shade also play major decisive roles. But your primary consideration should be whether you want the lamp for reading or as a night lamp.

Q. What is the price of designer table lamps?

The price of designer table lamps may vary with size, style, quality, and so on. However, with Oorjaa designer lamps, you get assured quality, skilful craftsmanship, exclusive designs, and sustainable value that are judiciously reflected in its price tag.


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