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Study Room Lamps

Brick Wall Lamp
Brick Wall Lamp
From ₹ 2,857 - ₹ 2,914
Dandelion Pendant Lamp
Dandelion Pendant Lamp
From ₹ 8,411 - ₹ 15,846
Drum Pendant Lamp
Drum Pendant Lamp
From ₹ 8,348 - ₹ 18,670
Cube Pendant Lamp
Cube Pendant Lamp
From ₹ 3,624 - ₹ 7,080
Wall Ripcurl Crushed
Wall Ripcurl Crushed
From ₹ 5,024 - ₹ 5,123
Iris Pendant Lamp
Iris Pendant Lamp
From ₹ 5,653 - ₹ 6,427
Tube Pendant Lamp
Tube Pendant Lamp
From ₹ 3,219 - ₹ 4,606
Cork Yoke Light
Cork Yoke Light
From ₹ 1,972 - ₹ 3,437
Skyline Bark Wall Lamp
Skyline Bark Wall Lamp
From ₹ 3,516 - ₹ 4,403
Lapel Pendant Lamp
Lapel Pendant Lamp
From ₹ 5,016 - ₹ 5,652

Be more comfortable while studying at night with the best study lamp available at Oorjaa

Generally, people use the best study lamp for reading, crafting, and writing. However, these types of lights are one of the most desirable home decor items as well. It not only illuminates your study table or workstation but makes your room look luxurious and modern. 
A study light lamp is lightweight & you can move it to a specific side or section where you feel most comfortable. However, finding the best lighting solution for study tables or workspace can be tricky with so many options available in the market.
At Oorjaa, we offer you study lamps online with beautiful designs and functions that fit best in your room. Our study lamp price goes easy on your pocket too! Read on to find out.

Different types of study lamps that best suits your home

Various types of study lamps for students are available in online stores today. All of these study table lamps come with unique styles and are effective in use. However, it is vital to choose a study desk lamp with a style that is particularly useful for you. 
Therefore, keep a few things in mind before buying a kids study lamp. For example, it is crucial to choose a study lampshade that generates a bright light for effective studying. Other than that, placement of a study lamp in an inappropriate area will cause discomfort. Therefore, it is best to place your lamp for study on a side table, console table, and bedside table. 
To make your search for a study table lamp easier, here's a quick rundown of the most popular study lamps at Oorja that will leave you awestruck.

  • Hanging study lamp 
    Hanging study lamps are often space-saving and the best choice for those looking for an elegant and urban feel in their homes.
  • Swingarm study lamp
    Swingarm study lights allow you to direct the light to any position you want. If you need to bring the light closer to a book you are reading, you can effortlessly do that by swinging the arm down.
  • Adjustable study lamp
    Adjustable study lamps offer you flexibility. With these types of study lamps, you can tilt the light up or down as per your lighting needs.
  • Led study lampLed study lamps are energy-efficient and look good in every space. Additionally, they provide ample lighting for reading which makes them everyone's favourite.

Choose your favourite study lamps from top-quality materials and colours

Do you know that the study desk lamp can help you stay calm while reading and curtail distractions? Yes! If you buy a night lamp for study, all you have to do is read your book comfortably.
Therefore, you can buy one multi-purpose study light lamp without hesitation and reap the benefits of the outstanding design.  Learn more about  study lamp price & design on our website now!

  • Compact study lamp
    For small spaces and a sleek look, at Oorjaa, you can find LED table lamps that serve their purpose effortlessly. Touch control LED lights available with a modernist lamp.  
  • Brass study lamp
    If you love an antique look, brass is the material for you that instantly makes a workspace look classy. Check out our massive brass study lamp collection.
  • White study lamp
    White is an excellent colour for those looking for minimal design yet a sleek look. At Oorjaa, you will find marble study lamps that have a sense of calm and aristocracy. 
  • Yellow light study lampstudying. Yellow colour lights available at Oorjaa are the best pick for night-time book reading or late-night studies.

Outstanding study lamp designs that you must look into this season!

With a variety of study lamp design ideas integrated with the best quality materials, the craftsmen of Oorjaa bring you a vast collection of impressive study lamps. We have a large assortment of study desk lights suitable for every shape and size of the room. Therefore, explore our study of light designs that can suit your space.
If you are a traditional or mid-century modern style lover, you can focus on minimalism, and natural materials, like wooden lamps instead of PVC lamps. Additionally, to make a style statement, glass style lamps are best & give your room an exclusive look. 
People who want to make a bold statement can go for geometric shapes, clean lines, and flexible lamps like the Goose Neck style study lamps that are adjustable. Plus, for a rustic look, you can go with warm colours, which look more inviting. 


  1. What kind of study lamp is best for studies?
    Adjustable study lamps are best for studies as they let you adjust the lights according to your convenience.
  1. Which type of study lamp lights are good for the eyes?
    Cool white lights close to natural lighting are the best study lamp for the eyes.
  1. Where can you buy study lamps?
    At Oorjaa, we have an intriguing collection of the best table lamps for study. Visit our website now for more info.

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