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Luxury Floor Lamps to decorate and enhance your home space 

One of the most important aspects that every house enthusiast likes to look into is home decor like a standing lamp. If you're a home enthusiast, fond of decorating your home, a great home decor to add to your wishlist is floor lights. A well-lit house brings a positive vibe to the house. Floor lamps are the very basics that you wouldn't want to miss out on while choosing your ideal home decor. When you buy floor lamps for your house, make sure you consider the overall appeal for your home and the choice of floor lamps online.

Distinguishing types of floor lamps 

As for the types of living room floor lamps available, it might pique your interest that the options are plenty. From living room floor lamps, reading floor lamps, outdoor lamps, to much more, floor lamps come handy for placing anywhere and everywhere in a home. 

Oorjaa offers you an exclusive collection of some of the most sophisticated, sheer, and fancy floor lamps. Given below are some of the most popular types of floor lamps we offer. 

  • Living Room Floor Lamps 
    There is something unique about living room floor lamps that never cease to fail to offer your home a gorgeous appeal. Living room floor lamps available at Oorjaa  have a wide range of styles. From vintage lamps to contemporary lamps, your options are boundless. These lamps play a wondrous role in making your home look more spacious and lively. A lively home welcomes nothing but a positive aura. This creates a healthy atmosphere for both you and your family to live in. 
  • Reading Floor Lamps 
    Are you a book enthusiast? Or are you looking for essential floor reading lamps for your children to study? Well, either way, we've got you covered. For all you reading enthusiasts, reading floor lamps are just what you need to study in clear lighting at any time of the day or night. From tripod features to much more, reading floor lamps not only offer you the perfect lighting for reading but also intensify the look of your room. 
  • Bedroom Floor Lamps 
    Bedroom Floor lamps do not fail to create a much more intimate and cosy setting for you to live in. You can easily set the intensity of light according to your needs. From chic tower floor lamps, tripod lamps, floor lamps with extensions like bottom trays, Oorjaa offers a myriad of options. You do not have to settle for mediocre floor lamps. Explore our exquisite collection of bedroom floor lamps to give your bedroom an aesthetic and dreamy finish. 
  • Outdoor Lamps 
    Outdoor floor lamps are another popular floor lamp that you should unquestionably check out. Outdoor lamps are simply eye-gazing to look at. Whether you want to sit in your outdoor space on a lazy Sunday morning sipping tea or are looking forward to working in a fresh environment, outdoor lamps are your ideal go-to's. Dive into the wide range of outdoor lamp designs to find what you're looking for. 

How to choose a floor lamp for your bedroom 

Choosing the right home decor for your home can be rather challenging. From finding supreme-quality decor under budget to looking into other factors, you should ensure looking into certain elements before buying your dream decorative floor lamps. Here are three important aspects to look into while buying your ideal floor lamp:

  • Cost 
    There is no point in buying exorbitant ranged floor lamps when you can find just as gorgeous and fancy floor lamps under budget. Make sure that you decide on your budget before you choose to buy your favourite stylish floor lamp. It might interest you that you can come across a myriad of floor lamps at an affordable price range. With proper research, you will easily find affordable living room floor lamps. However, make sure that you go through the details of the lamp beforehand. 
  • Size 
    Your bedroom floor lamps should also have the perfect size that aligns with the place you want to position them in. Make sure that you choose the right size. The size of the floor lamp depends on the size of your room. The floor lamp should light up the entire space; otherwise, it is a waste of space and money. There are several sizes available according to your needs. 
  • Height 
    Another quintessential factor while choosing your ideal floor lamp is height. Usually, people tend to overlook this factor. But remember that the height of the stylish floor lamp can play a vital role in ensuring that there is a proper supply of light.
    There are a plethora of styles available when you choose your lamp based on height. Some floor lamps come with an adjustable height feature, while some of them have a single size incorporated on a tripod stand. Choose the height that'll suit your respective room the most appropriately.

Colour ranges and materials- A Guide 

The floor lamps come in different materials to suit your home. The interior of each household is different. Thus, a floor lamp of suitable material and colour is needed to complement the beauty of the household. 

Floor Lamp Designs that you don't want to miss out on

Floor lamps are the latest way of upgrading the outlook of your home in the most economical way possible. Generation Z has integrated adding modern design floor lamps in their humble abode as the new aesthetic. You can hop on to this trend by buying brand new, beautifully designed floor lamps and enhance the attractiveness of your home. 

Furthermore, these floor lamp design ideas are more than decorative pieces in your room. IEnsure that you look into the above-mentioned factors before buying a floor lamp to make a smart purchase. Check out Oorjaa's elegant floor lamp designs.


  1. How to fix a floor lamp? 
    Floor lamps are premium lights that are positioned on the floor. To fix these lights, you can avail of any reliable floor lamp repair services. 
  1. How to choose a floor lamp? 
    While choosing a floor lamp, look into these three factors efficiently- size, cost, and height. Your floor lamp should be based on these elements. 
  1. Are floor lamps dangerous 
    No, floor lamps are safe decor accessories that you can use to light up your house. Nonetheless, it is advised that you keep children away from them. 
  1. Which floor lamp type gives the most light? 
    Most experts suggest that a curved style lamp or tripod lamp offers maximal light to the respective space.


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