Oorjaa is an exploration of light that reflects our love of material, craftsmanship and sustainable living. Crafted with care, every lamp is alive with the inimitable individuality of the handmade. We subtract the superfluous, in both our aesthetic and our methods, evolving designs that are easy on the eye and the environment.


Where ephemeral natural forms find expression in a range of handmade paper lights.

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Handmade paper lights drawn from the powerful geometry of urban architecture.

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Handmade paper lights woven on loom or embellished with Shibori.

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Wabi Sabi

Poetry of weathered imperfection in faux concrete.

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A faux concrete range that reflects iridescent patterns in the sky as the sun rises and sets in.

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Articulation of contemporary forms using cork.

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Shadow Play

Whimsical dance of light, shade and fine cutwork on handmade paper.

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Thoughtful products handcrafted from sustainable materials

How we make is as  important as what we make. From lokta and banana fibre paper to upcycled cork and quarry waste, our collections delve into materials to celebrate their essence, combining them
in ways that create interesting texture, colour, form and light.

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We believe that the world needs thoughtful consumers who look beyond the material
into the cultural, environmental and human aspects of a product. That is why we keep our products totally hand crafted and are constantly innovating with materials that contribute to our vision of a sustainable future.

Our Materials