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Wall Lamps

Brick Wall Lamp
Brick Wall Lamp
From ₹3,858 - ₹3,966
Wall Ripcurl Crushed
Wall Ripcurl Crushed
From ₹6,427 - ₹6,931
Pinnacle Wall Lamp
Pinnacle Wall Lamp
From ₹5,503 - ₹5,643
Tower Wall Lamp
Tower Wall Lamp
From ₹3,918 - ₹3,934
Lily Wall Lamp
Lily Wall Lamp
From ₹8,464 - ₹13,245
Cyprus Wall Lamp
Cyprus Wall Lamp
From ₹3,947 - ₹4,201

Decorative Wall Lights

When you plan on decorating your home, you cannot ignore the charm that your walls need to give a complete look to your home. The only way to ensure that your walls look stunning is by adding wall lights and wall lamps. 
Decorative wall lights from Oorjaa have all the aesthetics that you need for making your home look cosy, bright, and inviting. If you intend on adorning your bedroom, then you can choose from a collection of bedroom wall lights. 
If you want to install something in your living room, then wall hanging lights or wall-mounted lights can be the right choice for you. Placing these lights on the right wall can help you in enhancing the overall charm of your home.

Designer Wall Lights from Oorjaa is all that your home needs!

Wall lights and wall lamps are lighting fixtures that can be mounted on the walls of any room and add a classic look to that room. These designer wall lights have the capability of serving various functions in a given space, and it all depends on how you place them and what their size and shades are. 

After putting these decorative wall lights on different walls of your home, you will soon notice the difference that it makes to the walls and the area where you have placed them. 

If you plan to buy wall lights for your home, then you can check the collection of wall hanging lamps and modern wall lights offered by Oorjaa.

Different Wall Lights and Lamps for Different Parts of your Home

If there is something that can add a lot of character to an otherwise bare and dull wall, then it has to be wall lights. A wall lamp has the power of anchoring the look and feel of your room and your home as a whole. When you are picking the wall light design for your house, you need to consider the overall aesthetic that you want for your home. 

If you just want to have a source of light, then a simple wall light lamp can do the work for you. However, if you want a wall lamp design that draws immediate attention, then Oorjaa has many spectacular compound wall lights from which you can make your selection. There are different types of wall lights for your home, and you can use them in the right places to enhance their charm. 

For the outdoors of your home, you can choose some of the most stunning outdoor wall lights so that your home makes a great impression from the outside. Moreover, you can choose between wall hanging lights and wall-mounted lights to adorn the walls in your home's interiors.

Choose the Right Wall Light for your Bedroom and Living Room

It is essential for you to know what type of wall light lamps will suit your interiors well, as only then would the decorative wall lights create their magic. Before choosing the wall lights for your bedroom or living room, you should know that there are three types of wall lamps, namely upward, downward, and two-way. 

When searching for bedroom wall lights or bedroom wall lamps, you should know that you should go ahead with downward or two-way interior wall lights as they make it comfortable for you to read. However, if you want to light up the corridor pathway or add some warmth to your living room, then upward or two-way light as your living room wall lights is suitable. 

On the contrary, you can also opt for some fancy wall lights for living rooms like wall-mounted lamps or wall hanging lamps to decorate it. However, it is essential for you to consider the material from which the wall lamps for living rooms or bedrooms are made, the style, and the features. 

You cannot just buy modern wall lights for homes that have traditional interiors. Therefore, you need to make the right choice of colours and patterns so that you can easily level-up a simple room with fancy wall lights for your living room or your bedroom.

Top 10 Wall Lamps that You Need for Your Home!

Finding the ideal and the best wall lights for your home can become confusing after a point in time. The wall light lamp that you need for your home has to fulfil a few criteria before you select it.

At Oorjaa, we believe that customer satisfaction is the key to a successful business. Therefore, we bring the trendiest lamps and lights for our customers that are priced decently. 

Wall Lamp Designs That Can Level Up Your Home Decor!

Everyone wants a stunning home, but it is the small things that one adds to the walls and corners that actually make the difference in enhancing the beauty of the home. One of the most aesthetic things that one can add to their homes is a classic collection of wall lamps.

With a unique wall lamp design, one can choose the ideal lamp that matches the overall charm of the home. To up the home decor game of your home, Oorjaa's collection has some lamps that can help you in making all the difference that you need to make. If you are looking for a wall show light, then you can purchase the Wall Ripcurl Crushed light. 

Adorn Every Part of your Home with Stunning Wall Lamps!

When you think of getting wall lights for your home, it is not just the interiors that you should think about. Rather, you need to think of outdoor wall lights, boundary wall lights, and compound wall lights too. 
All of these lights have the power to make your home look better from the inside and the outside. The next time you think of getting some bedside wall lamps, you should also pick out some wall lights outdoors to enhance the beauty of your artistic home.


Q1: How to mount wall lamps?
You should mount a wall lamp between 60"- 72" from the finished floor of your home.

Q2: Are wall sconces out of style?
No, wall sconces are very in, and they can play a significant role in enhancing the aesthetic interiors of your home.

Q3: Where should bedside wall lights be placed?
While placing bedside wall lights, you should ensure that you place them 30-36 inches above the top of the mattress.

Q4: How many Wall lights do I need in a room?
When you want to buy wall lamps for your home, you should make sure that you buy 2 as it would provide sufficient light for your room.


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