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Bedroom Table Lamps


Title: Bedroom Table Lamps

Stunning Bedroom Table Lamps That Evoke Eco-Consciousness 

Do you unwind with a book in bed before you doze off every night? Or are you the kind of workaholic who carries work to the sleeping quarters now and then? Either way, picking that bedside lamp is an important choice. How about using these functional pieces as an excuse to add some eco-conscious luxury and style to your space?  

Here at Oorjaa, we offer exquisite collections of sustainably-crafted bedroom side table lamps that illuminate your favourite corner of the bed and also double up as elegant decor pieces to add a distinctive style element to your chambers. 

Every Oorjaa lamp is fashioned out of natural by-products by local artisans, attesting that style and sustainability don’t have to be mutually exclusive. 

Place them on a bedroom table, on the nightstand, clip them to the bedpost or put them up on the wall, these lamps provide beautiful task lighting as study lamps. With dimming features, these also act as night lamps to provide a comfortable warm glow to your room when desired. 

Whether you’re looking for small table lamps for bedroom or one that gives your décor an edge, our contemporary, minimalist designs will win you over!

Types of Bedroom Table Lamps That Are a Glamorous Addition to Your Space

Choosing the right bedroom night table lamp can be confusing. Deciding why you need bedroom lamps is the first clue in the puzzle. Whether you need them as mood lighting, for general ambience, or for tasks like reading in bed. 

If you have a relaxing read in mind before falling asleep, then a warm light is most suitable. To soothe your mood at the end of a hard day or to create an intimate space, opt for a gentle, diffused glimmer. 

You may even want your bedroom bedside table lamps to be a statement piece. 

Whatever your bedroom lighting goal is, Oorjaa has what works for your mood or sense of style. 

Here are some of our bestselling lamps.

Un-Block Bark Table Lamp

The Un-Block Bark Table Lamp showcases modern architectural sensibilities in its cityscape inspired structure. Handcrafted with paper made from banana bark and set on a teak-wood base, this piece of lighting will add a touch of elegance to your bedroom table.

Enzo Crushed Table Lamp

Drawing inspiration from nature, the Enzo Crushed Table Lamp adds soft ambient lighting to your space. Perfect to fill your heart with warmth, this lamp features crushed banana fibre paper as the shade and a base of veneered ply bent artfully. 

Noble Table Lamp

The contrasting combination of banana fibre weave set on faux concrete in the Noble Table Lamp lends an edgy sophistication to your bedside. 

Oslo Table Lamp

Paper made of banana fibre is sculpted artistically to form this contemporary-looking lamp mount on a veneered bent ply base that lights up your bedroom with élan.

Flame of Forest Concave Table Lamp

The alluring Flame-of-the-forest flowers find a mesmerising representation in this Oorjaa table lamp made of crushed paper derived from lokta or banana fibre. Set on a concave base of veneered ply, this lamp can magically transform your space with its finesse.

Gloria Table Lamp

The Gloria Table Lamp structured from banana fibre mesh set elegantly in faux concrete diffuses a serene glow resulting in a mesmerising ambience. 

Vineyard Bloom Table Lamp

Again a fine specimen of nature-inspired lighting, add a spot of colour and art-deco in the form of a crushed handmade paper lamp with Oorjaa’s Vineyard Bloom Table Lamp.

Find The Ideal Lighting for Your Sustainable Lifestyle  

We at Oorjaa, take pride in our craftsmanship in transforming waste products into stunning artisan lighting fixtures for you. Our diverse range of lamps and lights illuminates while making sure that our carbon footprint remains limited. We firmly believe that lighting up your world in an environment friendly way is the only sustainable solution to safeguarding the earth.  

In line with our principle of taking judiciously from nature and returning to it again, the majority of the materials of our lighting solutions are sourced organically and hence are biodegradable too. Utmost care is taken to limit the usage of exhaustible resources like water and energy during the production process. Putting each element together meticulously, the local craftsmen craft the final products to give you magnificent decorative pieces that grace your space like a work of art.   

All this effort goes to light up your homes and your world with green lighting that doesn’t compromise on quality, craftsmanship, or sustainability. And all these values of one-of-a-kind table lamps undermine the Oorjaa lamp price in India. Buy from our collection of bedroom table lamps online to experience this value first hand. 

Bring Home Gorgeous Table Lamps for Bedroom Crafted With Unique Materials

Have you ever imagined bedroom lamps made of banana fibre adorning your bedside table? Or industrial waste in the form of elegant lights adding flair to the walls beside your bed? Indeed, these materials are unthinkable as the key ingredients used to craft small table lamps for bedrooms or any other living space for that matter. 

At Oorjaa, we specialise in turning waste into wonder. We craft paper from banana fibre, lokta,cement, cork  etc., and mould them carefully to make extraordinary decor table lamps. We  use quarry waste to make feather cement and faux concrete that builds some of our bestselling table lamps. These amazing-looking lighting fixtures are the results of Oorjaa innovation in design at work.

At Oorjaa, your options to select lighting fixtures that appeal to your aesthetics the most are unlimited. Choose the bedside lighting accessory in your favourite colour: orange, pink, yellow or blue table lamps bedroom adorned by the Japanese Shibori art. Or, if you are a lover of the deep woods, pick up wooden table lamps for the bedroom. If the metallic accent is your thing, grab hold of the brass table lamps for the bedroom. How about adding some drama by teaming up a white table lamp for the bedroom with your dark interiors? 

Bedroom Table Lamp Designs Inspired By Luxury Minimalism

Oorjaa lamps are not your conventional table lamps. Simple lines and geometric shapes dominate our designs. 

Our designer table lamps for bedrooms are contemporary and industrial in look and feel, which makes them perfect for modern urban interiors. However, you would be pleasantly surprised to find ample specimens of lighting fixtures in our inventory that are inspired by nature, although with minimalist undertones.

Our choice of material infuses a unique charm in the products that we create. Think banana fibre woven into a tall table lamp, handmade paper shaped like a forest bloom diffusing soft light all around, water-hyacinth fibre weave blended with faux concrete to create the aurora effect at your bedroom table, or the bark of banana plant moulded into a durable lamp. These innovations in design are no less than artworks handcrafted painstakingly by skilful artisans. 

The décor aesthetics apart, Oorjaa lamp designs offer excellent functionality. Whether you need one to comfortably read in bed, catch up with your partner at the end of the day, or for a cosy glow in your bedroom that doesn’t disturb your sleep, we have all variants of lights in our collection. Browse through our inventory to find the bedside table lamps that suit your requirement perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the ideal height of a bedside lamp?

The ideal height of a bedside lamp should be such that the light doesn’t shine overhead or glare into your eyes. If it graces a bedside table, then the height of the table and your bed would decide the optimal height of the lamp. A lamp on a nightstand should be a couple of inches taller than the stand.

Q. Should a bedside lamp be higher than the headboard?

Ideally, your bedside lamp should complement your headboard. Having said that, the purpose of a bedside lamp is to provide adequate light for reading and ambience. So, whatever the height of the headboard is, the lampshade shouldn’t be above your eye level, and the light beam should fall on your lap while you are sitting on the bed.

Q. How do I choose the right lamp for my bedroom?

Choosing the right lamp for your bedroom will depend on factors like its purpose — whether it is for tasks like reading or a warm ambience. The lamp’s height and cord length are also decisive factors as you wouldn’t want the light to be very tall or too short, nor would you like to stretch yourself too much to turn it off. Finally, the lamp would complement the existing décor of your sleeping pad.


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