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Decorative Table Lamp

Leaf Curl Table Lamp
Leaf Curl Table Lamp
From ₹11,793 - ₹12,781
Helix Table Lamp
Helix Table Lamp
From ₹16,299 - ₹17,079
Jude Table Lamp
Jude Table Lamp
From ₹11,755 - ₹14,656
Tower Woven Table Lamp
Tower Woven Table Lamp
From ₹17,407 - ₹20,450

Title: Decorative Table Lamps

Up Your Home Décor Game With Decorative Table Lamps From Oorjaa

Wish to transform your interiors into a beautiful, inviting space? Decorative table lamps can do the trick for you!

These table lamps not only provide illumination but also add drama and intrigue to any space. They can boost the visual appeal of any room or turn a drab corner into a talking point. Nothing reflects your personal taste better than a décor that matches your style and decorative table lamps contribute to that effect.  

You can use decorative lamps strategically to create the right effect. But finding the right piece can be a chore. Here at Oorjaa, we have an exclusive range of decorative lamps that will make you fall in love at first sight. These are perfect accent pieces that enhance the charm of your living space, while they are eco-friendly and ideal for a green lifestyle. The innovation in design and exquisite shapes of our designer lamps add a warm, welcoming exuberance to your spaces, cosiness to a quiet reading nook, or uplift your mood in the bedroom. 

Guided by our principle of sustainability, we design and develop all our lighting fixtures, keeping in mind the environment. We use green material sourced organically that local artisans meticulously handcraft to build each lamp to ensure that you have a beautiful and lasting experience with our creations. 

With Oorjaa, find the decorative table lamps online India that suit your sensibilities and your home aesthetics.

Add Sparkle to Your Space With a Variety Of Decorative Table Lamps 

decorative table lamp can effectively add elegance to your home with a striking design and varying luminance depending upon its purpose. 

For focused lighting at your study desk or reading nook, choose a swingarm lamp or a piano light. Whether you are looking for study table lamps, bedside table lamps, or night lamps, here at Oorjaa, we have them all.

Let us take you through our collections of decorative table lamps showcasing a variety of materials, styles, textures, patterns, and colours.

Fibre Fables is our collection that combines natural fibre with industrial waste to give you mesmerizing lighting fixtures like the Noble, Aurora and Gloria Table Lamps. Banana or water hyacinth fibres are woven and set on faux concrete to diffuse an endearing glow that you can use as art deco lighting or as your bedside companion.

The Wabi Sabi collection brings together weathered imperfections of feather cement moulded in clean cubicle shapes and set in either teak wood bases or sleek metal stands. Add a perky glow to any side table or a study desk with Cubitre Woodlot, Canal, Cubitate or Cubiturn Table Lamps.

The Shadow Play range of bewitching table lamps brings to life shadow puppetry on lokta/ banana fibre paper shades and set on stone or wooden bases. Laser-cut figurines on the translucent shades tell a graphical tale while lighting up your space. Check out our Elephants, Parrots, or Lotus version of Shadow Play Table Lamps from the stable of Oorjaa.

The Uncork range of lamps and lights are upcycled from the industrial waste cork to make fabulously simple yet sophisticated lamps in geometrical designs. Choose among Jude, Genesis, or Cork Sleek Table Lamps or Lights for a sharp beam of lighting to keep you focused at your workstation.

The Urbania range of decorative table lamps tells a contemporary story that has a resounding effect on modern urban interiors. Crafted with paper derived from lokta or banana fibre, these artisan lamps are spectacular specimens of skilled craftsmanship. Take your pick from among cityscape inspired Tokyo or Un-Block Table Lamps, or the beautiful twisted tower Helix Table Lamp.

Inspired by nature, the Elements range reflects the rich glory of our forests through breath-taking paper structures set on veneered ply bases. Expect appreciative glances from your guests with the magnificent Free Fall Coco Flower table lamp with a stone base or Leaf Curl table lamp projecting the swirling of leaves around a metal stand set in wood.

The Dori range brings to you the amazing Japanese arts in the buffet lamp styled decorative lighting for your home. Choose your colour from, orange,, yellow, and blue for paper crafted lamps adorned with Shibori art. Or pick a bedside lamp that depicts a printed story for your little one.

Decorative Table Lamp: Sustainable Luxury 

Oorjaa takes pride in its craft of making paper from natural fibres and then moulding them into spectacular lighting solutions that spells class. Thoughtful innovation in material, eye-catching design, skilful craftsmanship, and our commitment to producing quality yet environment-friendly products makes us stand apart in the milieu of handcrafted lighting fixtures. A decorative table lamp from the stable of Oorjaa does not just add a celebratory glow to your home but a heavy dose of eco-conscious luxury. 

At Oorjaa, we have built our expertise around sourcing organic materials for the end products, engaging local artisans to craft each lamp piece-by-piece, keeping a close watch on the production process to minimise energy consumption, and limit our carbon footprint. Thus are created exquisite and unique lights for home decoration

If you are looking for decorative table lamps online, browse through the Oorjaa catalogue. The way we turn natural waste products into awe-inspiring fixtures is sure to delight you!

Where Decorative Table Lamps Meet Unique Raw Materials 

At Oorjaa, owing to our pledge to make sustainable lighting fixtures, we source off-beat materials to craft our stunning range of decorative table lamps. 

Paper as one of the primary raw materials of our lamps and lights seems quite unbelievable. But the fact is, we specialise in handcrafting paper from different natural fibres like lokta,  etc. But that’s not all. 

We also use quarry waste to feather cement and faux concrete which are then moulded into exquisite LED decorative table lamps. In the hands of our craftsmen, even discarded industrial waste such as corkwood takes the shape of unique modern lamps that are instant attention grabbers.

Each of these non-traditional raw materials used at Oorjaa is biodegradable, thus reducing our carbon footprint significantly. 

Set up your space with an Oorja decorative table lamp that not just serves as functional lighting while caring for nature but are also excellent decor pieces that bear a testimonial to timeless charm.

Switch Your Home’s Vibe With a Decorative Table Lamp Design

Do you feel your home is lacking a warm and inviting vibe or a relaxed and cosy feel? Add a decorative touch to your interiors with unconventionally made Oorjaa modern table lamps that sport remarkable innovation in design

With modern industrial type designs, we keep in mind both form and functionality of our products to make them stand out in a crowd. Dominated by geometrical shapes and clean, simple lines, our collection of study, bedside and night table lamps are all crafted to look fabulous in any space they grace. 

Though moulded from natural fibres and industrial wastes, Oorjaa lamps are designed to be sturdy and durable. With a bit of care, our lamps can illuminate your home for 20+ years. So, go green and choose environment-friendly artisan lighting solutions from Oorjaa today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the ideal features to look out for in a decorative table lamp?

Besides form and functionality, other value-added features that you can look for in decorative table lamps are technical compatibility with modern smart homes, remote controlling, multicolour function to complement your mood, dimmer to adjust the light’s intensity, USB connectivity, and so on.

Q. How many lumens should a decorative table lamp have?

Ideally, the brightness of a decorative table lamp will depend upon whether it is used simply as a decor accessory or for task lighting as well. While 300-400 lumens is considered sufficient for area lighting, for visually straining tasks such as reading, you would need at least 450 lumens.

Q. Where to place a decorative table lamp?

Give the decorative table lamp a position of pride at home. Place it on the decorative table in your living room or on the side tables. Bedside tables and study desks are old favourites of table lamps. You can also place the lamp on the window sill to cast an enticing glow on the windowpane while creating a magical aura within the room.

Q. Which are some sustainable table lamp materials?

Some sustainable table lamp materials include natural fibre like lokta, water hyacinth, etc. At Oorjaa, we have built our specialisation around making paper from banana fibre and lokta which is then sculpted into sustainable light fixtures. Other sustainable materials used to make table lamps are corkwood and quarry waste.


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