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Cement Lamps

Lapel Pendant Lamp
Lapel Pendant Lamp
From ₹6,943 - ₹7,818
Gloria Pendant Lamp
Gloria Pendant Lamp
From ₹12,201 - ₹16,846
Cascade Pendant Lamp
Cascade Pendant Lamp
From ₹15,204 - ₹20,862
Apex Pendant Lamp
Apex Pendant Lamp
From ₹12,741 - ₹17,128
Iris Pendant Lamp
Iris Pendant Lamp
From ₹7,425 - ₹8,442

A Quick Buyer’s Guide to Cement Lamps

Who would have thought that we can get so creative with cement? 

Well, only a few. Most of us could not have imagined that cement or concrete can be used in creating beautiful and awesome cement lamps. It is indeed human genius that enables us to think outside the box. 

Cement is indeed a versatile and strong material that will last for a lifetime. Now bringing in light to this material makes it even more exquisite. Cement lamps, unlike most lamps, blend in perfectly with your house because most houses are made of cement.

They also give a natural look and they certainly make you feel like home. It is indeed a lighting miracle and that’s why cement lights in India are in such high demand currently.

The Different Types of Cement Lamps

Just the way we have variety among other types of lamps, we also have different types of cement lamps.

Here are the few different types of cement lamps available for you.

Cement Wall Lights

The most common cement lights are cement wall lights. It’s obvious because your walls are made of cement, and adding a cement wall light to your walls makes them complete. Cement wall lights are perfect for any occasion and home setting. 

They can suit your living room, bed room, hallway, corridor, your garden, and much more. They come in various sizes and shapes. You can choose based on your need and space.

Concrete Pendant Lamps

Pendant lamps are perfect to shed light only in a specific area. A concrete pendant lamp can look quite magical, like an extension of your walls. They ensure perfect diffusion of light only to the specific area and they will make that space look very intriguing.

Concrete Table Lamps

Adding a concrete table lamp to your table will make it look perfectly natural. You see, originally a table lamp was created to resemble a cement pot and a growing plant. Concrete table lamps emulate the same perfectly. That’s why they will look like a natural addition to your space.

Cement Floor Lamps

Floor lamps! The very essential lamps to make your house look beautiful, appreciative, and modern. Cement floor lamps will be perfect to make your house look modern and yet interesting. They are a perfect add to your living space, guest area, or garden areas. They will look splendid and of course, you can initiate a rather insightful conversation with your guests around the lamp.

Cement Ceiling Lamps

Cement ceiling lamps last longer than any other ceiling lamps. In fact, some call these types of lamps ageless and timeless because they literally don’t fade away or get rotten over a period like the other lamps. A cement ceiling lamp will make your space look classy 

Concrete Bedside Lamp

The entire purpose of a bedside lamp is to conveniently lighten the bedroom with just enough brightness to put you to sleep, instead of total darkness. A concrete bedside lamp will not only make that happen perfectly but it also makes your bedside look beautiful.

Cement Hanging Lights

Hanging lights need to be strong and sturdy to make them last longer and to make them safe. Cement hanging lights are perfect because they have both these aspects in their lights. They are perfect for any setting and they will make your house look magnificent.

Cement Lamp Prices

Cement lamps can be a little premium priced because they require a lot of time to create and carefully construct. From the molds to the wiring and the right light to suit the lamp, it’s a long process. It’s because of this long, often strenuous process, that they look as brilliant as they look.

That’s why cement lamps can be a little heavy on your wallet too. 

But, at Oorjaa, we always strive to give the best to our clients. So, you can check out some of our cement lamps. 

Get The Best Cement Lamp Today 

To make your home look natural and beautiful, you need a cement lamp. They also last long and they are easy to maintain.

So, check out some best cement lamps and buy one or if you have time and resources, make one.

May the light be with you always.


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