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Buy Premium Reading Lamps That Blend Style With Sustainability

Do you wish to illuminate your favourite reading nook or study table with reading lamps that are great for your décor as well as the environment? Your search ends here at Oorjaa! 

Our range of handcrafted reading lamps will artfully brighten up your work desk or bedside table.That’s not all. Oorjaa reading lamps are much more than just functional pieces.They are a sustainable lighting solution that supports a green living lifestyle. 

Whether you’re looking for a sleek design to match your contemporary décor or an industrial reading lamp to go with your minimalist apartment, our collection will leave you spoilt for choices. A stunning range of rechargeable reading lamps, night reading lamps, artisan floor lamps, and more awaits you at Oorjaa. 

Shop for a reading lamp with Oorjaa and add to the ambience of your space with high design elements today! 

Find Your Ideal Type of Reading Lamps at Oorjaa

Every leisurely reader, dedicated student or hardworking professional appreciates the functionality and aesthetics of a good reading lamp

Browse through our exciting inventory of reading lamps with unparalleled designs sprouting from sustainable innovation of various eco-friendly materials. Whether you are looking for a compact reading table lamp with a firm base for desk work, soft glowing bedside reading lamps that don’t strain the eyes, a wall-mounted lamp as a focal point, or an adjustable lamp for a range of activities, we have it all. 

Each piece from our artistic lighting solutions will give you a wide berth to play around with the decor — at home or in a commercial space. Go on! Indulge your visual sensibilities with the artworks that our craftsmen lovingly create.

Some of the most loved reading lamp types in our collection are: 

Table lamps

Table lamps are so versatile they fit in anywhere, from your work desk to the bedside table. Choose from the contemporary linear-styled Woodlot Cubitre table lamp with a sturdy wooden base or the sleek cork table light mounted on a metallic stand for focused task lighting. 

Crafted from feather cement and attached to a simple teak-wood stand, our Chamber Pitch table lamp is impeccable as a work accessory or a decor piece. 

The Orbitre Woodlot table lamp, made of feather cement with a pinewood stand, is a beautiful specimen of weathered imperfections that lets you add a spot of light and art to any side table.

We also have this excellent LED reading lamp, crafted from light cork and attached to a teak stand with brass fittings.

Take your pick of function or an extraordinary decorative piece, Oorjaa reading lamp will not disappoint you!

Wall-mount lamps

Sculpted out of sustainable materials like woven banana-fibre, lokta fibre, handmade paper, and cork, Oorjaa’s wall-mount reading lamps make your reading corner the cosiest nook.

Pick from the conventionally structured, linear Cubiform Wall Lamp or the Tunnel Wall Lamp made from feather cement and faux concrete respectively. Or choose the natural curves of Ripcurl, moulded from handcrafted paper. 

Cityscape-inspired tower wall lamps made from woven natural fibres or contemporary wrap wall-lights made from cork. 

Elegance and rustic charm moulded into the Camber Branchlet wall lamp make for modern bedside reading lamps. Or the elegantly curved wall tube cover for softly lighting up any space - private or commercial. 

Your wall-mount lamp and light choices at Oorjaa are unlimited, offering both form and function.

Floor lamps

The best part of a floor lamp is that it doesn’t need to be mounted on the wall or ceiling. You can easily move these around to experiment with the look and feel of the corner they adorn. Not to talk about how pleasurable they make your reading experience. 

Add some modern graceful art to your space with a spectacular floor reading lamp from Oorjaa. Mounted on wooden or metal tripods or a strikingly simple lamp post-style structure, these lights add a wonderful charm to any room they grace. 

The shades are primarily crafted from handmade paper or woven lokta/banana fibre, making them look delicate, even when they are not glowing with light.

Our Premium Reading Lamps Online Offer Value That Goes Beyond Price 

A showstopper addition to your home or office that uplifts the appearance of your space without a complete renovation or a decor overhaul, has to be a specimen of master craftsmanship. A reading lamp from Oorjaa is that and much more, including being a sustainable alternative to assembly line lighting fixtures. 

Check out the exquisite collection of Oorjaa reading lamps online. Each one of these lighting products is the result of the evocative craft of local artisans. The design specifics draws inspiration from the environment, the materials used are sourced locally and are biodegradable.The production process strictly abides by green norms. 

The consideration for the environment that goes into making these one-of-a-kind handcrafted paper lighting products and the skills and labour of the craftsmen reflects in the Oorjaa reading lamps

If you wish to flaunt a stellar showpiece of a reading lamp that delivers quality, uniqueness, and sustainability, give Oorjaa reading lamps a go!

Fabulous reading lamp of every hue and shape to support the ethos of sustainable living

A sturdy reading lamp made of a fragile material like paper seems quite unthinkable. Yet, we have done it! Meticulously handcrafted paper from naturally available waste products like banana-fibre,, jute, kora grass, lantana, lokta,,. The paper is then sculpted into jaw-dropping artistic creations that not just romance light but also sets the mood for you. 

Add to this eco-friendly list of materials upcycled industrial waste cork and quarry waste, and you have some of the bestselling lamps and lights at Oorjaa.

Timeless aesthetics of Japanese Shibori craft, the rustic charm of wire mesh design, metallic wonders in heirloom-quality materials come alive in our reading lamp designs. Whether you wish to adorn a reading corner with a brass reading lamp or place a silver reading lamp as a statement piece, you’ll find them all here at Oorjaa. 

Sustainable Thinking is At the Heart of Our Unique Reading Lamp Designs 

Design aesthetics of Oorjaa reading lamps and lights suit contemporary urban style and green lifestyle. Simple artistic lines and charming curves feature beautifully in our handcrafted lights and reflect the beauty of minimalism. But they are far from “simple”. Bring one of these ‘green’ innovations home and watch them spark conversations! 

Check out our unique table reading lamp design in the handcrafted collections featuring contrasting textures like faux concrete and natural fibre weave or paper sculpted into Flame-of-the-Forest Flowers, mounted on a wooden base. We told you, these are incredible art pieces that will delight you with their sustainable innovation.

Painstakingly put together piece by piece, by our artisans, each lighting fixture at Oorjaa is a work of art. If you are a fan of industrial designs that exude mid-century modern timelessness, browse through our thematic collections of handmade reading lamp that are sure to bring light and life to your space.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What type of light is best for reading?

LED reading lights are the most popular lighting solution for their crisp brightness, energy conservation, and long life. 

Q2. Is an LED lamp good for reading?

Yes, LED lamps work well for reading purposes. LEDs are a directional light source, which means you can adjust the focus according to the task at hand. A cool white LED light is the most appropriate for reading purposes, provided the illumination factor is between 250-500 lumen per sq. mt.

Q3. Which table lamp is best for study?

The best table lamp for study should be fitted with a cool white light bulb. The bluish light they emit boosts alertness, making them a better choice for study than warm lights. 

Q4. How do I choose a reading lamp?

While choosing a reading lamp, you need to consider the design and size of the lamp, type of light and its brightness, and energy consumption limits. A spotlight bulb works best as a study table lamp because it focuses on a particular area. On the other hand, a long-necked lamp will disperse light across a wider area and work best as a floor lamp.

Q 5. Which is better for reading cool white or warm white?

A table lamp for the bedroom should have a warm white light of 2,500-3,000 Kelvin for a relaxing read. On the contrary, the cool white light of 6,500 Kelvin offers the appropriate brightness required for intense and focused tasks such as studying.


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