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LED Wall Lights


Unique Wall-Mount LED Lights That Are Sustainable and Eco-Friendly 

Add a secondary layer of lighting in your living room with LED-wall lights, and while you are at it, reduce your energy bills considerably. Yes, the advantage of getting LED-wall lights India is minimised costs and your carbon footprint on the earth. 

Whether you want to show off a piece of art or get an accent wall awash with light, LED-wall lights for the living room are your go-to lighting solution.  LED-wall lamps work just as well to make your bedroom a haven of comfort. Just as you brighten up your home interiors with LED-wall lights indoors, likewise, illuminate your compound elegantly with LED-outdoor wall lights. 

At Oorjaa, we take pride in our innovative designs of sustainable wall lights made from natural fibres and industrial waste and the handiwork of our skilled artisan friends. Browse through our wide range of LED-wall lights online and choose the wall lamp that appeals to you the most.

Transform Your Home With LED Wall Light Indoors And Outdoors 

Are you trying to find the correct mood-setting LED-wall lights for the living room? Take your pick from Oorjaa’s range of contemporary decorative wall lights like the Skyline Woven or Stripes Wall Lamps that are sure to draw compliments from your guests. 

LED-wall lights for bedrooms that bathe your interiors in a soft, warm glow will help you relax. Choose from our stone-finish shade made of handcrafted paper or the ones featuring mesmerizing Shibori art. Or the spectacular Ripcurl wall lamp made of crushed lokta/ banana fibre paper. 

Add a designer touch to your home exteriors with compound wall LED lights from Oorjaa that will effortlessly portray your sense of aesthetics to every passer-by.

Your options to elegantly brighten your home with a wall light lamp are unlimited. All you need is your judgement and sensibility of how you want to illuminate the outdoors or living spaces. So make your choice and be the centre of all the shine and sparkle.

LED Wall Light Online That Promises Unmatched Aesthetics And Value   

At Oorjaa, you get the promise of unique design, exemplary craftsmanship, and environment-friendly products with assured quality that far exceeds the LED-wall light price. 

We craft our products with organic material, which ensures that you can enjoy the glow of our lights while staying true to your green lifestyle. The innovation that goes into our designs is world-class. The local artisan community that puts together each lighting fixture thrives because of your patronage. 

And all this effort is to set your world aglow with wall lamps that have beautiful form and appropriate function. Shop with Oorjaa for LED-wall lights and make sustainability your mantra too.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are LED lights a good choice for walls?
LED lights are a great choice to illuminate the walls, be it indoors or outdoors. Not only do they consume less power, but LED lights last longer too.

Should I put LED lights on the wall or ceiling?
LED lights have revolutionised the lighting industry with their efficiency and durability. Use these on the wall and the ceiling alike.

Which are the best areas to place LED wall lights?
The ideal place to install LED-wall lights would be one where the fixture gets adequate space to diffuse its glow and doesn’t look crowded. 

Can LED lights cause a fire?
The science behind LED lights doesn’t allow them to get heated enough to start a fire.

Will LED lights stick to textured walls?
When putting up LED lights on textured walls, provide additional adhesive support like 3M strips to the back of the fixture.