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Outdoor Wall lights


Premier Outdoor Wall Lights That Enhance the Appeal and Utility of Your Exterior Space

Whether you wish to light up your home’s entrance with an inviting glow or create a relaxing ambience in your lawn or terrace, nothing beats the beauty and efficiency of designer wall lights in outdoor spaces. 

Outdoor wall lamps are a versatile addition to your house and serve both form and function. Even if you’re looking to simply illuminate the outdoor compound with wall lights, artfully crafted light fixtures don’t just do the job but also elevate the appeal of your outdoor area.

At Oorjaa, you’ll find a wide variety of exclusive outdoor wall lights for houses sculpted from natural and industrial waste materials. Sustainability is our motto, and we craft environment-friendly products that light up your world while caring for the earth.

Choose From Our Splendid Array of Outdoor Wall Lights

Down or up, bath or vanity, with Oorjaa, your modern outdoor wall lighting options are extensive. You can go with wall sconces, modern LED lights, hanging lamps etc.   Browse through our collection of outdoor wall lights at Oorjaa, made from unconventional materials like paper derived from banana fibre, industrial corkwood, or quarry debris. Our LED outdoor wall lights, inspired by cityscapes and contemporary designs, add dignified warmth to the exteriors of your modern home.

Here’s a sneak peek at the best-selling wall light fixtures of Oorjaa.

Wall Berlin Stone Finish Shade depicts an urban environment through simple lines on handcrafted banana fibre paper.

Tower Woven Wall Lamp adapts the art of weaving textile on hand-woven paper to diffuse a magical glow. A similar product is the Tower Bark Wall Lamp that elegantly brings the curved forms of nature to your outdoor walls.

Brick Wall Lamp adds another dimension to the urban brick and mortar city frames with its unique crushed lokta/ banana fibre structure and muted lighting.

Both Solaire and Jude Wall Lamps, sculpted out of industrial corkwood, are fitted with brass-finish metal fittings and represent the industrial design style. Emitting light upward and downward, both these lamps softly illuminate the whole wall.

Experience Eco-Luxury at Its Finest With Oorjaa’s Outdoor Wall Lights

Want to give a luxury touch to your home interiors while staying true to your green lifestyle? Oorjaa’s premium outdoor wall lights are just what you need.

Our meticulous process in bringing each wall lamp to life involves sourcing materials, crafting the paper from natural fibres, brainstorming innovation in design, and the exquisite craftsmanship of our local artisan crew. We ensure energy is conserved at every step of our production process.

Each of our outdoor wall lamps is crafted piece by piece to create unmatched light fixtures that serve the dual purposes of illumination and decor. The products, though made of bio-degradable materials, are sturdy and can last a lifetime.

Buy Oorjaa outdoor wall lights online and put the right foot forward in supporting the planet and the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should the outdoor lights be placed?

You can install outdoor lights at the front porch or the backyard deck, the garage or the pathway, and any outdoor space of your property that you wish to illuminate.

What is the ideal height for an outdoor wall light?

As a thumb rule, the ideal height of outdoor wall lights is at eye level, around 5-5.5 feet above the ground. Footlights should be placed 1-2 feet off the ground, while security lights should be higher at 8-9 feet.

Do exterior lights need to match the interiors?

No, it is not mandatory to match the exterior and interior lights. However, keeping a similar theme will reveal your sense of aesthetics.

How many outdoor wall lights do I need?

The number of wall lights you need will depend upon the size of the property and the areas you visit after nightfall. Besides these decisive factors, the other points that you may want to consider are highlighting any part of the property or creating a dramatic decor effect.

What is the best type of bulb to use with outdoor wall lights?

The best bulbs to use with outdoor wall lights are LED, which makes them energy- as well as cost-efficient.

How do I choose outdoor wall lights?
Outdoor wall lights have versatile usage and can draw power from the mains, solar or batteries. Hence the primary consideration to buy these light fixtures will be the space you wish to illuminate and the level of brightness needed.