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Living room wall lights


4 Types of Living Room Wall Lights to Improve Your Living Space 

It’s a well-known fact that wall lights have become the primary lighting for properties of all types. They can be easily fixed and replaced without any hassle. They serve the main purpose of ambience or general lighting perfectly. They are also a perfect fit for the task and accent lighting; ranging from artwork, reading, feature walls, or even to light up a hallway. 

However, living room wall lights have become quintessential in every household because they bring the same level of natural brightness into the space. There’s probably not a single home without a living room wall light. They spread sufficient light into the space and satisfy the multifunctional lighting required in these rooms.

Also, let’s not forget that living room wall lights add style and fashion as well. They can add the oomph factor and beauty that is necessary for a living room and they can, in fact, set the look and feel for the entire house.

So, in short, wall lights for the living room are the most essential lights and they are always part of any lighting design. That’s why we are covering the most important types of wall lights that can embellish your living room space. It will help you make the right choice when you are purchasing one. 

Types of living room wall lights
Living room wall lights come in various sizes and shapes and serve different purposes. In fact, there are 100s of them out there in the market. But we categorized all of them into 4 different types, to make it easier for you. Let’s get started.

Modern Living Room Wall Lights
These wall lights for the living room come with the latest technology and designs. They could have a voice-based mechanism, modern LED lights, dimming functionality, and much more. Most of these lights also have a minimalist design, so they’re easy to install. 

Most importantly the bulbs used in these lights last very long. They serve multi-purposes and they are easy to install and remove.

If you are someone who wants modern technology with just enough design in your living room then you should go for modern wall lights for your living room. 

Natural Living Room Wall Lights
Made out of pure natural materials such as wood, leaves, bark, and others, they give a natural feel to your living room. If you are looking to set your space like a serene outdoor retreat then wall lights made out of natural material will definitely fulfill your desire. 

They often have abstract shapes to make them look lively and natural. The bulbs that come with them can either be LED or fluorescent depending on the style. Nevertheless, these wall lights can be very bright or dim. So, you have to choose carefully based on your need.

At Oorjaa, we specialize in natural-style wall lights. You can check out some of our designs. 

Traditional Living Room Wall Lights
The traditional wall lights have classical elements to them. Rustic, gothic, and old school designs are regularly associated with these wall light designs. If you are someone who likes traditional or vintage designs then these wall lights will make perfect sense in your living room. 

They come in various shapes and sizes, so it is best to choose the light based on your style and need. 

Elegant Living Room Wall Lights
Love grand designs? Well, elegant living room wall lights are the ones for you. They often have intriguing designs with a lot of detail as they are carefully crafted. They definitely set the style of the entire space. However, they are also a little on the expensive side as they are quite artistic in nature.

Few Things to Consider Before Buying

You need to understand the purpose behind the wall lights you are buying. 

Is it for ambience, task, or accent? Or do you want to create layers of lighting?

If you can answer these questions effectively then you can make the right choice.

Do check some of Oorjaa’s wall lights for living rooms. We have some award-winning designs.