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LED Ceiling Lights


Get the Best LED Ceiling Lights to Brighten Your Space

LED ceiling lights have the power to make your rooms brighter with innovative designs and high-quality lighting. Not only do they blend perfectly with your interior décor but they are versatile enough to be used in any kind of setting. 

Be it office, home, or any commercial space, LED ceiling lights will ensure that they serve the purpose. Especially when it comes to special occasions or trying to impress your guests, friends or family members, LED ceiling lights have always stood at the top of the chain. 

While some types of these lights have to be spaced at regular intervals, depending on the size and shape of the room, some LED ceiling lights come as a long panel light or as a continuous strip. Not only are they easy to install but they are easy to uninstall as well. 

At Oorjaa, we have a wide variety of styles when it comes to LED ceiling lights and each of the lights is tested for perfection along with the usage of the latest technology, to last for a very long time. We also offer different materials of LED ceiling lights, depending on the style and setup of your space. More importantly, for the exquisite styles we provide, we are quite affordable. 

The Features That Make LED Ceiling Lights Special

Now we have mentioned that the variety of lights and designs is one of the prominent features of LED ceiling lights, nonetheless, there are various other features that make LED ceiling lights special. These features include no harmful radiation such as IR or UV radiation, zero mercury – which is very important these days, easier installation and maintenance, sleek designs, a wide range of colors to choose from and they are embedded with modern chip technology. The technology aspects lead to the existing possibility of smart lighting. 

Let’s touch base on a few of these features. 

No UV or IR radiation – This radiation causes a lot of damage to the human body in the long run. Though the lights that emit this radiation are very minimal, a constant exposure to them will have drastic effects. LED ceiling lights are safe. The same applies with the concept of Zero mercury. In the past, mercury has been the cause of severe debilitating diseases. Any lights which do not have mercury are safe for your household. LED lights also come with a surge protection which prevents damage of the light due to voltage fluctuations and fire hazards. And shockproof is also another reason why they are safe. 

Colours – Who does not love colours? We all do. Having a colourful room makes our heart skip a beat in joy. LED ceiling lights come in different colours to make your rooms look special. You can choose your colours based on the mood you want to set for the room. They also come in softer and brighter lights, so you can choose based on your need. 

Technology – Most LED ceiling lights are embedded with the latest technology in order to promote IoT based smart equipment in our homes. That makes some of the LED ceiling lights smarter where they can be operated with our voice or through our phone or any other ways that use the internet. We’re definitely moving towards a smarter future and LED ceiling lights are coming with us. 

Some more additional features that make these lights special are controlled beam angles, durability, energy savings, semi-metal panels, excellent light distribution and the lens itself, which is quite innovative. 

The durability factor is much more endearing as a lot of existing fluorescent lights are prone to damage very fast. LED ceiling lights are known to last at least for 5-6 years or even more without losing any of their qualities. And they are easy to replace when required.  

With all these advantages and uses, LED ceiling lights have become the ideal lights across the world. It is about time that you also upgrade to these modern lights. We at Oorjaa can help you with our large library of collections that you can choose from. Do start your shopping today and make that change.