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4 Things to Consider When Choosing Designer Wall Lights

Lighting is the key ingredient to enhance the look and feel in your home. Among the many lights available to make this difference in your home, designer wall lights probably stand out the most. They’re created with innovative designs to produce a welcoming atmosphere and combined with the lighting that they disperse, they truly enable a blissful space that we all love to enjoy. They also come in various shapes & sizes and with varying technology. 

Nevertheless, like any other light, there are a few aspects to consider when choosing your designer wall light. Here are the 4 deciding factors that will get you the right designer wall light.

Understanding The Purpose

The first and most important thing to consider is the purpose of the light. Why do you need a designer wall light? What are you trying to establish?

For example, a lot of our designer lights at Oorjaa are used to create a design statement or probably add to the aesthetic of the space. Here the purpose is to capture the imagination of the visitors coming to your house. 

Another example is to lighten a specific space in your room where it requires a different type of light. Probably, if you are looking for a light to brighten an art piece, then choosing a designer wall light which will serve that purpose well is the ideal thing to do. 

So, the first aspect to consider is the purpose of the light.

Location of The Light
While lighting itself is a necessary and valuable addition to any room in your house, designer wall lights should be fixed in the right location in order to provide the ethereal effect they are built for.  Some of the areas where designer wall lights look great are living areas and hallways. You should also consider the other lights that can either add to their beauty or be the recipients of the design. When combined they make the entire space truly an amazing lightscape that ensures you are always in the right mood. 

Also, adding designer wall lights in bedrooms instead of your regular lighting, such as table lights, will not only save space but creates a modern, playful aesthetic.

The Right Placement

The next important aspect to consider is the placement of your designer wall light. 

Let’s start with height. It is advisable to not install wall lights at a height where you might walk into them or at an eye level with a bulb. The exquisite designs of designer wall lights are best when they are mounted at least 6-7 feet from the floor, depending on the height of your family members. 

The next is spacing.You have to ensure that there is sufficient spacing between lights. You don't want to clutter your lights and create truly bizarre lighting. If you are buying the light for a small space, then just a couple of lights along with the designer light should be good enough. However, if you are looking at open spaces then you might require more lights. So you should consider these aspects when you are buying them. 

Shape and Material of the Light

It is important to choose a designer wall light that beautifully coordinates and blends with the rest of your interior. You do not want the light to be the odd one out. 

Choosing the dominant material of your space (such as wood, glass etc) along with the shape that resembles the curves of furniture is the best way to proceed. You want to marry the light to your existing interiors and create an ambient space. 

At Oorjaa, we have a large collection of designer wall lights which are made of our natural resources such as bark, leaf, etc. 

Make The Right Choice - Whether you are buying the light online or offline, do ensure that you consider all the aspects to make the right choice.