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Decorative Wall Lights


Give Your Home a Premium Touch With Decorative Wall Lights

Decorative wall lights are an excellent way to elevate the mood and ambience of your home. Whether you choose to install them indoor or outdoor, wall-mounted decorative lights slip into any role you choose for them. From precise illumination to creating an aura of soft warmth, decorative wall lights for home add a ton of character to every spot they grace.

If you’re looking for a stylish addition to your home décor lights, decorative wall lights could be just what you need. Get them as a focal point in your living room, to light up your bedtime read, or as decorative wall night lights to brighten up the dark hallway, they will serve every purpose with élan. 

Here at Oorjaa, we have a unique collection of decorative wall lamps that are specimens of amazing craftsmanshipinnovation in design, and sustainability. We are India’s first artisanal paper studio that crafts environment-friendly yet durable lamps from industrial waste and natural fibre.

Types of Decorative Wall Lights To Pick For Your Home 

Infuse an inviting glow in the ambience with decorative wall lights for the living room. Or, set the mood with decorative wall lights for the bedroom. The variety and range await your sense of aesthetics to do justice to whichever space you add these lights too. Choose from lights with adjustable arms, ones that diffuse a magical glow, or that illuminate upward or downward, and so on.

Check out the cityscape-inspired straight lines of Wall Berlin Stone Finish Shade or the wondrous folded curves of Skyline Woven Wall Lamp. Add a spot of colour at your dining table with Shibori art incorporated in our hand-woven paper wall lamps. Or the mystical nature in crushed lokta/ banana fibre paper Ripcurl wall lamps. Looking for wall-mount study lamps? Our Cubiform Wall Lamps featuring feather cement and wood will add a spectacular dimension to your workstation.

Buy Decorative Wall Lights From Leading Makers of Sustainable Lighting Solutions

At Oorjaa, we have perfected the craft of making decorative wall lights in India that light up your home, add sparkle to the ambience, and cares for the environment. Our lights are designed using unconventional materials like paper, quarry waste and corkwood.

We make paper from scratch with plants like lokta, banana fibre, etc. Each of our lamps is put together piece by piece by the local artisan community with love and care to make them as durable as outstanding. Above all, our customer service team is ever-ready to answer all your lighting queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are wall-mounted lights?
Lighting fixtures mounted directly on a wall are known as wall-mounted lights.

Do wall lights need to be wired?

Wall lights are available in both wired and plug-in varieties. The latter needs plugging into a power socket and switched on.

Where should I use wall lights?

You can use wall lights to illuminate both the indoor and outdoor spaces of your home.

What is the ideal height for wall lights?
Ideally, wall lights should be placed at around 5 to 5.5 feet in height. 

Should I opt for upward-facing or downward-facing wall lights?

If the wall light is for ambient or accent lighting, then you should choose upward-facing fixtures. In the case of task lighting, opt for downward-facing wall lights.