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Dry Flower Pendant Lamp
Dry Flower Pendant Lamp
From ₹59,597 - ₹88,480
City Birds Pendant Lamp
City Birds Pendant Lamp
From ₹64,073 - ₹190,316
Cork Collar Light
Cork Collar Light
From ₹5,486 - ₹6,333

Enhance your living space with Oorjaa's pendant lighting

The backbone of any interior design is its lighting. Not only do the lights add to your room decor and aesthetic, but they also affect your work productivity. Pendant lighting has become a popular choice in recent times to light up your home, office, warehouse or any other place you may have in mind. Depending upon the style of your room, pendant lamps can be either very bright, very dull, or somewhere in between. 
And they do not necessarily have to be your conventional hanging lamps. Pendant lights in India  have  such a wide range of choices that you could pick out quirky lampshades, wooden lights, hanging lights, and they would still enhance the aesthetic and lighting of your room! It's time to buy hanging lights!

Types of Pendant Lights

Pendant lamps are perhaps the most popular choice of lighting in most homes, including the kitchen, living room, and even foyers. Therefore, it goes without saying that there are several types of pendant lamps available for you to choose from. 

  • Bedroom pendant lights
    The bedroom is not used extensively for office work. Therefore, bedroom pendant lights are mostly dim lights that add to the aesthetic of the room. The lighting should be sufficient that you can make your way through the room but not bright enough that it prevents you from relaxing. 
  • Living room pendant lights
    One of the primary characteristics of a living room is that it should be well-lit. Bright living room pendant lights hanging from the ceiling or even standing lights are a popular choice for living rooms. You can match the shape and size of the lights to the rest of your decor and colour scheme.
  • Kitchen pendant lighting 
    Kitchen pendant lighting needs to be evenly spread and reach every part of the kitchen. Having only one part of the kitchen lit hinders everyday work. A linear pendant light works best for kitchens. They can be used directly over the wall and ensure uniform lighting around the kitchen. 
  • Dining room pendant lights
    Chandeliers are a popular choice for dining room lighting. Not only do they add to the grandiose of the room, but they also provide adequate lighting. Dining room pendant lights can be fitted in chandeliers. Lights similar to chandeliers can also be used if they go well with the overall theme of the dining area. 

How to hang pendant lamps in different settings

Pendant lamps are not limited to just your kitchen or living room. They can be used in shops and offices as well. Here are some tips on how to hang a pendant lamp in various parts of your house or office. 

  • Bedroom pendant lights
    Comfort is key when it comes to bedrooms. Therefore, most bedroom pendant lights are layered. This means that artificial lighting is used to enhance the already existing natural lighting. Most pendant lamps for bedrooms also come with dimmers so that you can adjust the brightness of the lighting based on your convenience.
  • Office pendant lights
    Office pendant lights should be such that your productivity is at its maximum level. The lighting should enhance the ambient lighting of the area. Additionally, there should be desk lights or bulbs for individual desks. Accent lighting can also be used as it adds character to the office walls. 
  • Living room pendant lights
    Your living room is where you spend the majority of your day, especially if you have started working from home. Like any other room, utilise the natural lighting that is already available to you. Living room pendant lights can be an aesthetic addition to the ambient lighting. You can either opt for hanging chandeliers or a single bright bulb. 

Pendant Light Prices

The internet is filled with a wide variety of pendant lights to choose from. The pendant lights prices also vary accordingly. If you want to buy pendant lamps online in India at the most competitive prices, you have come to the right spot. Different Colours and Materials of Pendant Lights
Pendant lights come in a variety of colours and materials and can be customised based on your home or office decor. Here are a few common materials and colours used for pendant lamps.

  • Globe pendant lights
    Globe pendant lights or even round pendant lights are a favourite amongst interior decorators for kitchen and living room areas. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide sufficient space inside the globe to insert a cluster of lights. This is perfect for areas that need to be well-lit such as kitchens, home offices, and study rooms.
  • Black and dark green pendant lights
    Perfect for low-maintenance users, black pendant lights require minimal cleaning and are perfect for those who live solo. They also go quite well with monochrome home decors and colour schemes. Dark green pendant lights match very well with warm tones of yellow and orange and are perfect for dim lighting in bedrooms and bathrooms. 

Pendant Light Designs

There are a wide array of pendant light designs to choose from for your decor. From the minimalist styles to the hanging lightbulbs, pendant lamps come in all forms and shapes. The most popular among these are the globe pendants and the cylindrical pendant lighting. 
For those looking to add sophistication and elegance to their decor, glass pendants are an excellent choice. Pipe-shaped pendant lamps make for wonderful bedside lighting. String pendants and abstract shaped lamps are wonderfully artistic additions to your quirky home. 


  1. What is a pendant lamp?
    A pendant lamp is a light fixture that hangs from a ceiling and is often used in multiples. It can also be used as a linear arrangement depending upon the requirement of the decor and lighting.
  1. How do we hang a pendant lamp?
    Pendant lamps can be hung using ropes, metal rods or even cords. The aim is to choose a material that is sturdy enough to hold the weight of your pendant lamp and does not easily break under pressure. 
  1. What size should pendant lights be?
    The size of your pendant light depends upon the room size and the ceiling height. There are standard sizes available online. You can also contact our technicians for expert guidance on sizing your pendant lights. 
  1. How do I choose a pendant light?
    Check your ambience lighting, decor style, colour scheme and the aesthetic you are aiming for. Since all these factors are interrelated, it is quite easy to make a choice for the perfect pendant light. 


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