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Living Room Lamps

Lumina Floor Lamp
Lumina Floor Lamp
From ₹60,090 - ₹93,900
Metro Pendant Lamp
Metro Pendant Lamp
From ₹18,724 - ₹33,209
Free Fall Coco Flower
Free Fall Coco Flower
From ₹77,357 - ₹108,367
Cyprus Wall Lamp
Cyprus Wall Lamp
From ₹3,947 - ₹4,201
Calla Lily Pendant Lamp
Calla Lily Pendant Lamp
From ₹15,784 - ₹17,022

Impress everyone with gorgeous living room lamp lights from Oorjaa

When it comes to home decor, beautiful lighting is crucial for any home. A stunning living room lighting can transform the entire atmosphere of the living room. Apart from increasing aesthetic appeal and mood, these living room lamps play a vital role in illuminating task areas in the living room too!
Today, the modern living room lights effortlessly balance functionality and your taste when it comes to lighting. To make your living space inviting and welcoming, the proper use of decorative lights for living rooms is a must.
At Oorjaa, we have an awe-inspiring collection of fancy lights for living rooms that will not only light up your favourite space but will add richness & personality to it as well. Choose decorative lights for living rooms that provide a perfect ambience to your living room. 

Different types of Living room lamps to make your living room shine with glamour

If you can choose the right type of modern living room lights and ensure its correct placement, your living room is bound to look good. Based on the colour, size, and layout, you should choose standing lamps for living rooms. 
When all these elements come together, your living room benefits from effortless fluidity of design and looks extraordinary. While certain living room lamps like wall lights help light up the walls, ceiling lamps for living rooms are an excellent choice for giving your room a majestic aura. Here are a few types of living room light fixtures that can convert your dull space to a glamorous one.

  • Living room floor lamps
    Among the best floor lamps for living rooms, a swing arm floor lamp is the choicest one. These floor lamps allow you to adjust the position of the lamp based on lighting needs by moving the arm. There is no need to move the entire lamp.
    With modern floor lamps in Oorjaa, you will definitely find your desired floor lamp. You can also go with novelty or candelabra living room floor lamps.


  • Wall lamps for living room
    When it comes to wall lamps for living rooms, you have limitless options including, bohemian, gold metal wall sconces, etc. Buy what you think fits best in your living room light ideas.
  • Ceiling lamps for living room
    Little lighting changes can make a massive difference in the look and feel of your living room. Fortunately, with designer show lamps for living rooms available at Oorjaa, you don't have to go anywhere. From iconic LED lights to centre light for living rooms like Chandelier lighting, get the contemporary feel in your living room effortlessly. 
  • Hanging lamps for living room
    If you want to complement the interior of your living room, nothing can be better than a hanging Pendant light. These lights not only can add to the atmospheric beauty but provide adequate illumination when needed. 
  • Table lamps for living room
    Do you want to pick the best decorative lamps for living rooms? If yes, buy gorgeous linear tower table lamps handcrafted by experts. These are one of the best corner lamps for living rooms that enhance the beauty of your living room.
  • Night lamp for living room
    At the end of a hectic working day, when you relax in your living room, nothing can be better than a warm corner light for living rooms.

Buy colourful designer lights for living room made from high-quality materials

From ceiling lights, wall lights to side lamps for living rooms, there is a massive collection of living room lights available at Oorjaa. These lights are made in different colours and designs and can be a perfect pick for every type of living room. While light blue living room lights are for those who love a relaxed atmosphere, bright white lights are available too, for sufficient illumination. 
You can get a variety of styles when it comes to designer living room lights. Take a look at what Oorjaa has in store for you.

  • Fancy lights for living room
    From Pendant to led lights, Oorjaa has various lights to glam up your living room.
  • Living room rustic lamps
    Tripod lamps for living rooms are ideal for spotting a rustic look. Therefore, relax and shop with confidence and make your living room your dream space. 

Get various designs and sizes of fancy lights for living room at affordable prices at Oorjaa

Searching for a living room lighting design that suits your home is fun, but with the number of choices and options available in online stores, it can be confusing & overwhelming. There are hundreds of living room lighting ideas, with different sizes, finishes, colours, illumination levels. Check out the popular and customer-favourite ones before you make your decision.
Additionally, there are many other designer lamps for the living room at Oorjaa. If your living room is large and needs good illumination, it is best to pick long lights for living rooms, like a multi-tiered Pendant or a hanging Globe light. You can also add standing lamps for living rooms in the corners to make your room look spacious and comfortable.


  1. How can you light up your living room?
    It is crucial to choose living room lighting lamps according to your taste and room requirements. While for a small room you can go with small, ceiling-mounted lights, for big rooms, choose large chandeliers.
  1. Tips for interior designing with living room lights?
    For a modern touch in your traditional home, it is best to go with LED lights for the living room or pendant lights that emit an aura style and high-class decor. 
  1. How to choose the best lights for the living room?
    You must buy living room lights based on the size of your living room and place the light in a perfect place to ensure better function and look. While big lamps for living rooms are best for large spaces, choose smaller fixtures to enhance the look of tiny living rooms.


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