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Hanging Lights

Unify Pendant Lamp
Unify Pendant Lamp
From ₹26,374 - ₹29,047
Majestic Pendant Lamp
Majestic Pendant Lamp
From ₹10,549 - ₹26,086
Lokta Drum Pendant Lamp
Lokta Drum Pendant Lamp
From ₹11,410 - ₹25,331
Out Of Box Ceiling Lamp
Out Of Box Ceiling Lamp
From ₹224,460 - ₹226,120

Experience the Brightness of A Star with Oorjaa's Hanging Lights

The hanging lights are a lovely alternative to the colossal chandeliers. Have you ever desired modern hanging lights but couldn't pick the right one for your home? Oorjaa is the place to go looking for hanging ceiling lights to adorn your home. Get your hands on some of India's most beautiful hanging lights online and add some wow factor to your space! 
Both function and aesthetic are needed for decorative hanging lights. If your hanging lights are too bright or too dim, they can detract from the overall aesthetic of the space.

Types of hanging light up for grabs

Exposed light fixtures, such as hanging lights, can be useful in room decoration, adding a festive gleam and allowing you to convey your style. Hanging lamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with its function. Explore the various hanging lights for the living room, bedroom, etc., at Oorjaa.
Hanging kitchen lights can be suspended from high ceilings in such a way that they provide enough illumination while not obstructing your movement. Using hanging lights for the dining table as secondary lighting gives the space a one-of-a-kind look that will impress everyone.
Wall hanging lights and outdoor hanging lights may also be used as spotlights. You may use these to highlight a significant image, drawing, sculpture, or something else you want to draw attention to. 
Hanging lights for the balcony is extremely beneficial for a variety of purposes. Interesting landscape or architectural features are highlighted, and drama is added with these lights. These also aid in the creation of welcoming and communal environments, such as a designated seating or entertainment area.
Hanging lights for the bedroom increase the ability to light your home effectively while also improving the aesthetics of the rooms in which they are used.

Add an aesthetic appeal with stunning hanging lamps of different colours and finishings.

Hanging lights are available in a range of shades. What kind of shade the pedant should have would depend on the type of lighting you're looking for.
The materials used in hanging outdoor lamps in India must also be carefully examined; a few examples are mentioned below:

  • Cement lights  give your space a beautiful, handmade feel, and a hanging ceiling lamp is a great way to incorporate them.
  • Hanging paper lights, as the name implies, are incredible origami-style paper lampshades that make stunning masterpieces. These aren't some average paper lampshades; rather, they're unique paper creations.

Designs for hanging lamps that will add a stylish touch to your home & workspace!

A hanging lamp design has a single bulb suspended in the air as its basic concept. However, the majority of hanging lights design come with a shade to add interest and minimize glare from the bulb.
Cement and paper are some of the most popular materials used to make designer hanging lights. Each of these materials has its distinct look and feel. Although you can use any materials you like, certain materials work best in certain environments.

Q1. What are the various types of hanging lamps available?
Hanging lights are divided into several groups, including hanging lights for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining table, and balcony. They can also be categorized as indoor/outdoor hanging lights and wall hanging lights.

Q2. What factors should I consider when purchasing a hanging lamp?
You can buy a hanging lamp by considering the size, shape, and style you like.

Q3. Which designer hanging lamps are the most elegant?
To achieve an elegant look, you can purchase the Iris pendant lamp from Oorjaa's set.


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