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Handmade Lamps

Dandelion Pendant Lamp
Dandelion Pendant Lamp
From ₹84,954 - ₹285,131
Cyprus Wall Lamp
Cyprus Wall Lamp
From ₹3,947 - ₹4,201
Calla Lily Pendant Lamp
Calla Lily Pendant Lamp
From ₹15,784 - ₹17,022
Unify Pendant Lamp
Unify Pendant Lamp
From ₹26,374 - ₹29,047
Majestic Pendant Lamp
Majestic Pendant Lamp
From ₹10,549 - ₹26,086
Lokta Drum Pendant Lamp
Lokta Drum Pendant Lamp
From ₹11,410 - ₹25,331

Gorgeous Handmade Lamps & Lights for Beautiful Homes at Oorjaa

Lighting plays a crucial role in the decor of a house. Lighting devices like electric bulbs,  handmade lamps and more are a great way to brighten up your room while adding style as well. The process of choosing lamps to add to any space can differ on a variety of factors. 
The purpose of the lamp is to not only bring light to your room but also eradicate unwanted shadows and illuminate regions that are hard to reach. For example, a handmade table lamp will shine more light to help with reading and writing. In addition to this, lamps can also act as pieces of art, like a wooden handmade lamp in a corner. Therefore, the decision to buy handmade lamps can be practically useful as well as contribute to the aesthetic of your room. 

Choose from a range of handmade lamps and lights for your home 

Lamps can undergo several changes, either artistic or for the sake of better functionality. That is, the lamps can either be on a stand or fitted to the wall of your room for better exposure. Therefore, here are a few examples of handmade lamps that have to become a part of your home decor: 

  • Handmade Floor Lamps 
    These are probably one of the most common types of handmade lamps in residential and office decor. Handmade floor lamps tend to occupy a corner or a nook in your room. They are kept in a region where light from other sources may not reach as easily. It would be a great piece to have when you would like to illuminate the space next to a large cupboard. 
  • Handmade Wall Lights 
    These lights are seen on the walls of a building. Handmade wall lights can brighten up your room without the need of taking up space. In addition to this, these lights are placed at a height. Therefore, more portions of your room will receive light in comparison to other lights. 
  • Handmade Table Lamps 
    These are a must in places where you would spend your time reading and writing. Table lamps are a common occurrence in libraries, study halls, and other educational institutions. However, handmade table lamps can add another dimension to your ordinary table. The lamps can have intricate designs on the lampshade or even have a unique lampstand. 
  • Handmade Ceiling Lights 
    The ceiling lights are another common occurrence in almost all spaces. They are an effortless means through which you can decorate an otherwise boring hallway or corridor. The lights can add to the general ambience in other places of your house as well. These are also known to be in the form of handmade chandeliers, which is a great option for a classy but cost-effective item in your home. 
  • Handmade Pendant Lights 
    These handcrafted pendant lamps are probably one of the more custom options available. That is, they can range from over the top to delicate pieces which complement the decor of the room accordingly. Therefore, in case you desire to add a dainty item to hold the theme of the furniture together, this lamp is the perfect option. 


  1. How to make handmade paper lamps? 
    Handmade Paper lamps are usually made for tabletops. The lampshade is made of a thin “crepe” like paper. This paper can have engravings or a design on it. Therefore, when the light shines through the paper, you will be able to see the decoration on the paper. The light inside the handmade lamp with paper can just be a simple tea light or even an electric bulb. 
  1. What is the best craft lamp?
    There are many variants of craft lamps you can choose from. You can choose from ceramic lamps, clay lamps or even paper lamps. However, the best craft lamp is the wooden lamps. These lamps are made by experts who carve intricate designs into the wood. The antique look that this lamp possesses is one of a kind and can add value to the decor of your space. 


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