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Cork Lamps

Cork Yoke Light
Cork Yoke Light
From ₹2,690 - ₹4,491
Jude Table Lamp
Jude Table Lamp
From ₹11,755 - ₹14,656
Cork Collar Light
Cork Collar Light
From ₹5,486 - ₹6,333

A Quick Buyer’s Guide to Cork Lights

When we say the word Cork, the first thought that enlightens our mind is a grand celebration of enthusiastic guys or girls popping corks and bursting bubbles of champagne all over the place. A typical scene of success. 

However, Cork – a material harvested from Cork Oak (Quercus Suber) – is known for its use in multiple applications ranging from cricket balls and baseballs to architecture models and inkjet printers.

One such fabulous use of cork is in creating beautiful, vibrant cork lights. Cork lights in India have taken many shapes and forms over the years. What initially started as a recycling process of used wine and champagne bottles, has now reached a level where cork is used as a standalone material to create delightful led cork lights, ceiling lights, wall lights, and much more. 

Here Are the Different Types of Cork Lights Available for You

Cork Floor Lamp
Floor lamps are increasingly becoming essential in every household. Cork floor lamps can set the design of your space to the next level by giving it a very natural, woody, and effervescent look. Depending on the type of light used in the lamp, it can also improve the energy consumption of your household.

Cork Wall Light
If you are looking for a light that reminds you of a cozy outdoor experience then cork wall lights are the best. Generally, the cork material that surrounds the actual light within, makes the diffusion look natural and just enough to enjoy the lighting. It best suits your hallways, bedrooms, and even your corridors.

Cork Table Lamp
We all know the radiance that typical table lamps illuminate. Sometimes we may not need so much bright light. A cork table lamp on the other improves the lighting  for a specific spot and keeps the illumination within a certain distance. Of course, as cork is wood material it gives a very polished and natural look to the entire setting. 

Cork Ceiling Light
Cork ceiling lights are the best. Here’s why. They become a fantastic piece of décor to your space and they give perfect brightness. The cork material acts perfectly in line with the light to make the place warm and cozy. They come in different shapes, big, medium and small. Depending on the size of the room, you can choose the light accordingly.

Cork Hanging Light
The main purpose of a hanging light is to shed light in a specific section of a room. Unlike a ceiling light, hanging lights are smaller in size and they can fit perfectly in any space. Cork lights are perfect for this situation as they are available in various sizes. Cork hanging light is one of them. You can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Cork Lights Price
It’s important to understand that Cork is a premium material and that does affect the prices of the lights you choose. Unlike regular wood, the material obtained from cork goes through a long process to get to where it is. Sometimes this process takes upto 8-10 years approximately.

Obviously, the lights are also rich-looking, exquisite, and natural to look at. 

So, all these aspects do affect the pricing. Nevertheless, at Oorjaa we have the best prices for cork light and lamps. We understand the need to bring beauty to your space and so we bring you the best of cork lights at the most convenient prices. Cork Lights Make You One with Nature

If you love nature, then cork lights are the best for you. No other wooden lights out there have the same design effect like a cork light. It also works best along with the bulbs and lights set within.

So, if you want your space to have a splendid natural look and also make it look nature-rich then cork light is the one for you. Check out the different models we have, choose the best cork lights online that make you feel special and enhance the look & feel of your space.


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