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Sustainable Nature Inspired Lights for the Festive Season


With the festive season upon us, our homes pose as sanctuaries that come to life with the congregation of loved ones and lights that echo the sentiment of the festival! 

Our artisanal creations at Oorjaa have always been spearheaded by the inspiration of being conscious and mindful of the environment. Our multifarious catalogue of crafted lights strikes a balance amidst timelessness and sustainable lighting. 

We’re rounding up some of our studio-favourites that make for eco-friendly lighting options this festive season that seek inspiration in the embrace of nature.

Origami Mushroom Pendant

The Origami Mushroom Pendant bears a handcrafted quality that comes forth in its array of delicate folds and intricately pleated silhouette. Fashioned from banana fibre paper, the globular form of the pendant leans towards reaping a biophilic inspiration as its form levitates delicately over quaint corners in residences and corporate spaces.

Gingko Floor Lamp

A homage to the sinuous form of the fanning leaves of the Gingko tree, the Gingko Floor Lamp has been sculpted wholly in banana fibre paper and malleable black copper tubes that mould themselves as artistic branches. Ideal for lighting up any moody corners of a home or living space, this floor lamp is a fitting addition across design genres.

Skyline Crushed Wall Lamp

The Skyline Crushed Wall Lamp borrows its form and persona from the lofty cityscapes that are synonymous with urban living. These sleek wall lamps are composed of lokta fibre paper and are embellished with a pattern of symmetrical stripes which lend it a textural quality.

Dandelion Pendant Lamp

This bespoke penta-cluster pendant lamp portrays a rendition of illuminated florets of dandelion forms that are suspended from a binding wooden panel. Each luminaire in the Dandelion Pendant Lamp is a melange of crushed banana fibre paper and a moulded metallic framework finished in a decadent copper hue. The light can make for a stunning focal installation in double-height volumes, foyers, and hospitality spaces.

Enzo Crushed Table Lamp

Suited to enliven any corner with warmth and its intriguing form, the Enzo Crushed Table Lamp is handcrafted with banana fibre paper and mounted over a bent ply base which is sheathed in teak veneer. A dainty addition to one’s home office, reading nook, or study in our opinion!

Drum Floor Lamp 

With its robust geometric form and statement cylindrical-form lampshade, the Drum Floor Lamp celebrates the texture of handwoven paper and wood tones. Despite its lofty canopying form, the lamp almost exudes a sense of weightlessness and imbues surrounding spaces with a soft light perfect for lounging and reading.

Sustainable lighting design rests at the heart of all the creative endeavours at Oorjaa. This festive season, make conscious decor and lighting choices that are good for the planet while they adorn your home with unparalleled grace. May this season be centered around celebrating the light which resides within each one of us and our abodes!