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Six Sustainable Lamps Inspired by Cityscapes

The identity of a city is encapsulated in many facets. Its architecture, layered history, culture, and people are vital weaves of this tapestry. This curated series explores the connection between built forms and their undeniable influence in crafting the urban cityscapes. 

These vignettes have been interpreted subliminally by Oorjaa in the form of handmade and sustainable lighting, creating luminaires that quietly pay tribute to iconic cities across the globe.

Skyline Stripes Wall Lamp 

The Skyline Stripes Wall Lamp has been crafted with an artisanal spirit with gauzy lokta fibre paper, a homage to towering colossal towers that dot any metropolis. The warped and enfolded form of the wall light has been speckled with symmetrical vertical and horizontal stripes, lending it a textured appearance. This light makes for a welcome addition to any nook craving warmth and a sculptural presence. 

High Rise Floor Lamp

The impetus behind the design ethos of the High Rise Floor Lamp has been to replicate the soaring silhouettes that reach into the urban skyline. Created by hand in crushed lokta and banana fibre paper, the lamp's cylindrical body is mounted atop a cut stone/wood base. Hinting at the coming together of modern and rooted nuances, the light makes for an excellent fit for quaint home libraries and reading nooks. 

Tokyo Table Lamp 

Reminiscing the confluence of the old and new, the Tokyo Table Lamp attempts to conjure imagery of the skyscrapers of the teeming Japanese capital. Made from banana fibre over a hand-cut stone base, the sleek cuboidal form of the luminaire makes a contemporary statement in lounging and hosting spaces to endow the ambience with warmth. 

Metro Pendant Lamp 

The Metro Pendant Lamp is one’s go-to choice for melding panache with a robust sculptural sentiment. The pendant lamp’s outstretched rectilinear form has been made in crushed lokta fibre paper, allowing it to exude diffused mood lighting. The quintessential choice to suspend over dining, hospitality, and congregational spaces, the pendant lamp epitomises the merging of modern and handcrafted sensibilities.    

Manhattan Floor Lamp

The mention of Manhattan summons forth the images of rich architectural history and a modernist DNA that has surged through the skyline of New York. Pieced together with a keen eye for detail, the Manhattan Floor Lamp displays a sleek rectilinear volume that organically sprouts from an amorphous stone base. A focal lamp in its persona, the luminaire seamlessly entwines the facets of art and lighting. 

Woven Giza Floor Lamp

An eclectic take on the age-old Japanese art of Shibori, the Woven Giza Floor Lamp introduces a stark dose of geometry into any space it graces. The hand-woven paper shade is mounted upon a teak veneer tripod base, creating an eye-catching lighting element that dabbles in a desirable interplay of materiality, scale, and patterns. 

Art, architecture, and history make an unmissable debut in the spaces we inhabit, and lighting is yet another form of expression to celebrate their omnipresence! Explore these luminaires and more to usher in the sense of nostalgia attached to places and cities that mean something to you and your spaces.