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Six Table Lamps that make Working from Home a Pleasing Affair

The Pandemic and its influence on the way people work, collaborate, and function has conjured an indelible impact. Formerly working from home, and now hybrid work models have gained undeniable wind as preferred formats among professionals across industries. Creating an ergonomic, pleasing, and pragmatic workspace in one’s residence is a given in the times we inhabit.

Individuals spend numerous hours in these study corners, home offices, or even in an ingeniously curated reading nook that doubles up as a workstation. We’re sharing our most loved table lamps from the house of Oorjaa, perfect for illuminating your workspaces and packing them with character!

Lumina Table Lamp

The Lumina Table Lamp reveals a biophilic inspiration conceived entirely in diaphanous clear banana paper. The almost bud-like form of the luminaire rests between a brass base and apex, creating an amalgamation of old-world charm and neoteric design. The contrasting duo of textures on the light makes it an inspiring addition to one’s desk or whimsical reading nook.

Orange Star Tower Shibori Table Lamp

Doused in the vibrant hues of spring and summer, the Orange Star Tower Shibori Table Lamp revives the age-old traditional technique of Shibori, melding geometric patterns and vivid colours. Perfect to add a dash of zest to your home office and bookshelves, the lamp’s sleek form and generous lampshade make for a sculptural addition imagined in handmade paper and black metal.

Chamber Pitch Table Lamp

The Chamber Pitch Table Lamp explores a timeless combination of materiality, a crossover amidst handcrafted imperfections and modern identity. The teakwood structure of the table lamp is attached to a shade cast in lightweight feather cement. The luminaire’s make and style hint at the harmonious coexistence of diverse styles, making it a versatile choice across various workspaces.

Cubitate Sleek Table Lamp

From the Wabi Sabi collection, the Cubitate Table Lamp celebrates an intentionally weathered demeanour that gives its identity an industrial facelift. Created from quarry waste, the cube-form light is mounted upon a black finish metal stand. Petite yet impactful in its presence, the luminaire is a sculptural piece of art in its own right!

Enzo Crushed Table Lamp

The Enzo Crushed Table Lamp is an ode to nature, inspired by its delicate yet enduring forms and many silhouettes. Crafted from crushed banana fibre paper using eco-friendly processes, the lamp exudes soft diffused light through its translucent form mounted over a bent ply stand sheathed in teak veneer. Introduce the table lamp in spaces that demand a rustic charm or crave a focal addition.

Cork Sleek Table Lamp Dark

Quintessential for unconventional and rooted workspaces, the Cork Sleek Table Lamp Dark is conceptualised along the lines of contemporary inspiration. The table lamp is created using dark cork, a variety created utilising upcycled industrial waste cork, an organic raw material. The lampshade is mounted upon a metallic base finished in black powder coating, rendering it perfect for a minimalist and modern workspace.

Whether remote or in your offices, allow your workspaces to become a space you look forward to inhabiting. This is made possible by merging the facets of comfort, functionality, and aesthetics that take a cue from its unique end-user. At Oorjaa, we strive to become a part of the ethos of your spaces in the only way we know how, by illuminating them consciously and with an ingrained sense of warmth!