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Bangalore International Airport T2

The Bangalore International Airport T2 has been called a "terminal in a garden".

Designed to reflect Bengaluru's rich culture, history and its reputation as the garden city. It is also a sustainable building by design, with a LEEDS platinum certification. Naturally, the brief we had completely aligned with Oorjaa's ethos and core values of environment and traditional craft. The scale of the space also gave us a perfect platform to highlight one of the biggest threats to natural reserves of South India - the invasive weed Lantana camara.                                                    

Light Bells (At the T2 Main entrance)

As you arrive, traditional bell-inspired lights with intricate Kasuti motifs of Dharwad, welcome the traveller.. These lights celebrate Karnataka's rich heritage, drawing inspiration from the region's traditional embroidery and metalwork, seamlessly blending local craftsmanship with modern design.

Metal Bells (At the baggage belt in Arrival area)

The Gaia Pillars of light (Domestic lounge - Kodagu Cafe)

The Gaia Hanging Lamp, handcrafted from banana fiber handmade paper and Lantana twigs, highlights Oorjaa's commitment to using waste and renewable materials.


Kabini Screens (International lounge in welcome area )

Handcrafted from Lantana, celebrates the now endangered biodiversity of Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary.

Lantana Elephants (At the Passenger Arrival area)

This installation of elephants handcrafted by Adivasi communities of the Nilgiris, draws inspiration from the lush flora and fauna of the various sanctuaries and reserves of South India and celebrates the co-existence and threats to the communities living within the.

Musical Tree
(Domestic lounge, opposite Kodagu Cafe)

Inspired by the incredible communal nesting behavior of weaver birds and the dense, uniquely shaped trees of the Kodagu district forests, this installation captures how these birds come together to build their nests in a single tree, transforming it into a microcosm of a vibrant ecosystem.

Parametric Dome
(International lounge - Seven Sisters)

The parametric dome in the Seven Sisters international lounge is inspired by intricate seed pods, showcasing its geometric complexity and natural beauty.

(International lounge - Nicobar lounge)

Capturing the fluid beauty of bottlenose dolphins and the biodiversity of marine life from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, these two eye catching installations, handcrafted from Lantana celebrate sustainable art.

School of Fish (International lounge - Nicobar lounge)

Every installation at T2 Terminal enhances the airport's aesthetic while promoting environmental responsibility through sustainable design. Oorjaa’s work tells a story of environmental stewardship and artistic ingenuity, inviting viewers to experience the transformative power of sustainable art.