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Five Colourful and Sustainable Lights to Brighten Up your Homes

March in the Indian subcontinent is the harbinger of Spring, the season of vivid colours, vitality, and renewal! We at Oorjaa have curated our five most loved and sustainable lights that ought to make a statement in any space this season.

When introduced in just the right doses, colour can enliven the ambience and inherent sensibility of spaces by miles! Explore these luminaires and many more by the studio to layer your homes with an accent of hue and vibrance, much like the free-spirited season of Spring itself!

Azure Dappled Canister Pendant Lamp

The Azure Dappled Canister Pendant Lamp revels in the blue-reigned hues of the daytime sky, bringing together shades of cerulean blue, cool grey, and white. The canister-like form of the hanging lamp has been adorned by an amorphous marbling pattern upon its feather cement body, suspended from a fabric wire. We envision the luminaire looking idyllic in zesty reading nooks and as bedside pendants.

Relic Mesh Fusion Pendant Lamp

A fine coalition amidst raw design sensibilities and just a dash of colour, the Relic Mesh Fusion Pendant Lamp celebrates the intentional imperfections of the dome cast in feather cement. The domical structure has been interspersed with segments of red-hued mesh, imbuing a sliver of colour into its form. A perfect choice for mood lighting, the fixture can grace quaint residences and hospitality spaces with impact.

Magenta Linear Tower Shibori Table Lamp

A stunning muse in a delectable hue, the Magenta Linear Tower Shibori Table Lamp makes for a sprightly addition to nooks and niches with its interplay of colour and form! The Shibori-printed handmade paper lampshade has been embellished in a streaked pattern immersed in magenta and ivory. We’d recommend it to layer one’s desks, reading nooks, and quaint home offices if colour is on one’s mind!

Marina Pendant Lamp

Inspired by the depths of the sea and its myriad hues, the Marina Pendant Lamp is a minimalist yet statement-making choice when it comes to uniting colour and a sleek silhouette. Handcrafted from pigmented feather cement, the tints of various blues, warm teal, and white create a serene gradient of sorts upon the fixture’s body. The pendant lamp makes an apt choice when subdued lighting is desired in living and resting spaces.

Blue Drum Shibori Star Pendant Lamp

Reaping inspiration from the Japanese manual tie-dyeing art of Shibori, the Blue Drum Shibori Star Pendant Lamp establishes a tangible connection between geometric nuances, artisanship, and sustainable materiality. The crisp linearity of the pattern juxtaposes effortlessly against the voluptuously curved structure of the drum-shaped lampshade. With an artistic DNA, this fixture is a great pick to add warmth to communal living areas, over dining tables, and in hospitality spaces that demand an evocative ambience.

Let the colours and gusto of the season travel into your homes and cherished corners in the form of bespoke sustainable lighting that is also kind to the planet. This season at Oorjaa, our vision shall remain steadfastly focused on melding impeccable craftsmanship with indigenous materiality, celebrating colour in a truly stimulating light!