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Sustainable Lighting options to enhance your Home

Lighting in residential spaces is an entity on its own. In recent years, lighting has evolved from posing as an afterthought into an integral design feature that adds character to spaces. 

The right choice of lighting can enhance one’s living experience — this is an amalgamation of functionality and the quality of warmth that lighting fixtures imbue into a space. The bespoke range of sustainable lighting at Oorjaa focuses on integrating the purpose of illumination with the environmentally conscious and ethical usage of materials. 

We explore a curated set of lighting options with this read, ensuring that all nooks of your home are well-illuminated and inviting while exploring sustainable lighting design options! 

Making the Walls our Canvas

Brick Woven Wall Lamp

The Brick Woven Wall Lamp tips its hat to minimalism and artisanship with its textured and suave form. Created from crushed Banana and Lokta fibre paper, the wall lamp softly sheds lights in an upward and downward direction. Perfect for spaces like foyers, passageways, and lounges, the fixture is sure to set the ambience just right! 

The Pinnacle Wall Lamp celebrated rooted materiality while donning an almost sculptural form with its silhouette. Crafted using crushed Banana and Lokta fibre paper, this wall lighting fixture takes on a deconstructed funnel-like form to spread light mostly in an upward direction. The Pinnacle Wall Lamp can make for an idyllic addition in bedrooms, on gallery walls, and spaces that demand a relaxed ambience. 

An Elevated Dining Experience

Expanse Assorted Pendant Lamp 

A versatile pendant lamp, the Expanse Assorted Pendant Lamp can be crafted in a range of custom sizes that explore varying length dimensions based on the space’s needs. Handcrafted from feather cement, the pendant’s make revels in the intentional weathered imperfections of the fixture as it delicately lights up tablescapes through its hollowed rectilinear base. 

Rupture Assorted Pendant Lamp 

Also created using feather cement, the Rupture Assorted Pendant Lamp makes for a focal addition in dining spaces. This is attributed to the domical fixture’s ruptured and organic periphery that lend it a well-worn demeanour. One can also consider clubbing these as pairs for expansive dining areas to create an impact. 


Table-Top illumination reimagined

Cubitate Sleek Table Lamp 

Steering clear of conventional and generic table lamp designs, the Cubitate Sleek Table Lamp meshes together a modern persona with artistry. The cube-form lamp head made in feather cement is mounted on a black-finished angular metal base that lends it a contemporary look. We deem it makes for an ingenious addition to side tables, nightstands, and study desks. 

Woodlot Bulbous Table Lamp 

The umber goodness of pine wood and feather cement come together to form the Woodlot Bulbous Table Lamp which displays a rugged and natural texture. Building on the raw and unfinished aesthetic, the lamp lights up to form a glowing orb of sorts that can grace study accent tables, bookcases, etc. 


Making the most of Odd Corners

Berg Pendant Lamp

An adaptation inspired by modern forms, the Berg Pendant Lamp is handcrafted from lightweight cork and pine wood that is finished in a rich dark stain. Perfect to light up corners in living areas, home offices, or bedrooms, this fixture mildly radiates light to elevate the ambience. 

Lapel Pendant Lamp

Inspired by the folded lapel in its form, the Lapel Pendant Lamp is a rendition of weathered imperfections displayed in the form of its contorted feather cement body that seems to be clasped together by a teak wood peg. The petite fixture is a great choice for corners and nooks that need soft lighting. 


Each room in a home can perform better and present itself as an optimised space when lighting is given a focussed thought. The quintessential lighting scheme balances task, ambient, and mood lighting in the right measure to create a space that feels and functions to its maximised potential.