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Five Lights that Bring the Outdoors In

Dwelling indoors assumed a newfound meaning in the light of the Pandemic. It became clearer than ever that nature in its myriad forms impacted the human sense of wellbeing. Our homes became our ultimate sanctuaries and biophilia as a concept began to make its debut in our daily lives. 

Nature has impacted the spheres of design, architecture, art, and culture for eons. Biophilic design refers to concepts that allow occupants to feel linked to the natural environment through direct/indirect connection with nature, spaces, and conditions indoors.

Driven by this sentiment, we create sustainable and eco-friendly lights that are inspired by nature, hence allowing one to beckon the outdoors inside with bespoke elements of design. We share with you our top 5 picks that have been ethically crafted with zero waste to create pieces that can be recycled wholly.

Antiquity Relic Pendant Lamp

The Antiquity Relic Pendant Lamp celebrates a timeless Wabi-sabi charm with its seasoned imperfections. Handcrafted from feather cement, its domical form is embellished with metallic-finish leaf embossing available in options of gold, silver, and copper. Made from quarry waste and natural fibre, this pendant lamp combines understated flair with a raw demeanour perfectly for living and hospitality spaces.

Twill Pendant Lamp

Dainty and elegant in its form, the Twill Pendant Lamp mimics an inverted floral silhouette rendered in feather cement with a teak-finish pinewood top. The curved silhouette of the lamp gracefully ebbs and flows to sculpt the form of the lampshade. The combination of cool grey feather concrete and the umber warmth of wood creates an alluring palette of materiality.

Flame of Forest Concave Table Lamp

The Flame of the Forest trees are known for their awe-inspiring vermillion hue, a colour that takes over the canopies of forests bathing it entirely. Reaping inspiration from the sculptural flower these trees bear, we’ve created the Flame of Forest Concave Table Lamp in Lokta/Banana fibre paper which is mounted on a concave wooden base of bent ply sheathed in teak veneer. The handmade paper is crafted from agricultural waste using eco-friendly processes to produce durable and translucent paper. The fixture can fittingly grace bedsides or quaint study nooks.

Kari Cork Spiral Pendant Lamp

With its contemporary enveloped form, the Kari Cork Spiral Pendant Lamp makes a statement in any nook of your choice. Handcrafted from rubberised cork with copper-finished pegs, these pendant lamps can illuminate living and hosting spaces with focused yet soft light. With its slender make, this pendant lamp can be hung in a singular manner or clustered at varying heights to create a focal lighting feature.

Passion Flower Pendant Lamp

Tapping into the expressive and curvaceous forms of Passion Flowers, this single-head chandelier boasts vine-like drop lights that cascade from the light’s centre. The larger blooming structure is composed of banana paper which is mounted upon a pinewood teak-finish suspension unit. A work of art in its own right, the Passion Flower Pendant Lamp can descend as statement additions in residences and corporate spaces, enhancing spatial volumes with decadence. 

Be it blooming florets, petite buds, or twirling vines, nature in its versatile form never ceases to fascinate human imagination. At Oorjaa the most notable creative catalysts are the forms and elements witnessed in nature. We further bolster our efforts by ensuring that we consciously create and consume, remembering that nature’s wellbeing needn’t be bartered for aesthetics. With these nature-inspired lighting creations, one is sure to be successful at blurring the lines between the indoors and outdoors!