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Leaf Curl Table Lamp
Leaf Curl Table Lamp
From ₹11,793 - ₹12,781
Helix Table Lamp
Helix Table Lamp
From ₹16,299 - ₹17,079
Jude Table Lamp
Jude Table Lamp
From ₹11,755 - ₹14,656
Tower Woven Table Lamp
Tower Woven Table Lamp
From ₹17,407 - ₹20,450
Add an Elegant Charm to your Home with Oorjaa's Table Lamps

If you are planning to have some appealing aesthetics at your home, then you should focus on adding a few table accessories. All the connoisseurs of home decor swear by classy table lamps, and it is time for you to decorate your home with some of the chicest designer table lamps from Oorjaa. Thanks to the Victorian Age, decorative table lamps gained popularity. If you are looking for trendy table lamps that can fit into your home perfectly, then Oorjaa is the right place for you to buy table lamps.

Selecting the ideal table lamp for your home
Confused about finding the ideal table lamp for your bedroom or guestroom? These tips mentioned below will ease out the process:

  • Size of the Lamp: Once you have finalized the place for your lamp, you should choose the right width and height for your lamp. However, to get the ideal designer table lamp, you should choose one that is a few inches taller than your bedside table. 
  • Height of the Shade: While choosing a modern lamp, you should observe that the base of the shade should be almost at par with your eyes if your main purpose is to use it as a reading lamp. Therefore, it is an essential step in choosing your table lamp design.
  • Style of the Shade: If you wish to enhance your bedroom decor with a bedroom table lamp, you should either choose a Pine Table Lamp or a Leaf Curl Table Lamp. 

Add an aesthetic appeal to your work table with stunning study table lamps
Having a nice and aesthetic study table can enhance your mood to work, and one way of making it aesthetic is by purchasing a classy study lamp. With Oorjaa's stunning collection of study table lamps, you can revamp the look of your study table as well as the whole room. Don't think much, get the chicest lamp for your study already!

Grace your bedside table with exquisite bedside lamps
Do you feel that the corners of the bedrooms are incomplete? Well, the one thing that can make your bedroom look even more stunning is a bedside lamp. You would notice that almost all the bedrooms have a bedside table that is usually empty, but if you add a modern bedside lamp to your bedside table, you can observe a lot of difference in the overall look of your bedroom. 

Check out Oorjaa's stunning collection of bedside reading lamps to choose a lamp that matches the aesthetics of your bedroom. For instance, if your bedroom needs a touch of wood to add warmth, then a wooden lamp can be the right choice for you. 

Get your hands on the most stunning pieces of table lamps online in India and bring the wow factor to your bedroom!

Table lamp designs that will give an attractive edge to your home!
Building a home is easy, but decorating it is what takes a lot of time and effort. Every part of your home deserves a magical touch, and if you really want to make it more magical, then you should adorn the corners with some of the gorgeous wooden table lamps. 

Oorjaa offers beautiful designer table lamps and study table lamps to adorn your home. Some of the table lamps that you can choose from are:

Adorn the different corners of your home with some of the best table lamps!
Sometimes all you need to complete the look of the corners of your home are some designer lamps. The following points will help you choose the perfect table lamp online for you:

  • Table Lamp for Bedroom: When looking for a table lamp for bedrooms, you should pay close attention to the colour and texture of the furniture. 
  • Table Lamp for Living Room: If you are planning to add a calm elegance to your living room, then the table lamp for the living room should be the Enzo Crushed Table Lamp from Oorjaa's collection. You can get these designer lamps and keep them in different corners of your living room to make it even more stunning.
  • Table Lamp for Dining: You can buy your table lamp for dining amongst the vast collection of modern table lamps available on the website. 
  • Table Lamp for Study: You should make sure that your table lamp for study adds to the aesthetics of your study table and enhances your mood to work or study.

Tips for buying table lamps
When you plan to buy table lamps online, you should pay attention to the following points : :

  • If you are a night reader, then you should choose a decorative lamp as it has a subtle light and can give you the proper lighting required to read.
  • If you consider yourself a minimalist, then you should go ahead and choose the Tower Woven Table Lamp.
  • Amongst the various options to buy table lamps, you should go ahead and choose cylindrical table lamps for your bedroom.
  • Choosing a wooden table lamp for your study can make it look a lot more stunning than before.


Q1. What are the different types of table lamps?
The different categories of table lamps include bedroom lamps, living area lamps, dining lamps, and study lamps.

Q2. How do I choose a table lamp?
You can purchase a table lamp by looking at the size, shape, and design that you want for your lamp.

Q3: What type of designer table lamps will be more elegant?
You should buy the Parrots shadow play table lamp from Oorjaa's collection for getting an elegant look.


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