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Sustainable Lights to Brighten Up the Festive Season

Light in its myriad forms, across beliefs, symbolises new beginnings, the prevailing of purity, and the inevitable arrival of prosperity. As one of the country’s first sustainable artisanal paper studios, we at Oorjaa strive to be kinder to our planet with every bespoke creation realised at the atelier.

Every lighting fixture at Oorjaa is handmade with love and a penchant for detail, making each piece unique in its make. This festive season we’re sharing with you our Top 5 favourites that can be the torchbearers of love and joy in your dwellings or the homes of your loved ones.

Copper Folio Domical Pendant Lamp

The Copper Folio Domical Pendant finds its roots of inspiration stemming from the embrace of nature. Crafted in feather cement, the pendant’s dome is caressed by silver/copper finish leaf imprints that are layered upon the intentionally weathered body of the pendant. Revelling in a Wabi-sabi demeanour, the fixture can be a great addition over congregational spaces like dining areas or as a statement light to illuminate aesthetic corners of the home.

Lotus Shadow Play Pendant Lamp

The Hindu Goddess Lakshmi is often depicted resting atop a blooming lotus and holding the sacred flower in her hands, representing enlightenment and good fortunes. The craft of shadow-puppetry assumes newfound life in the Lotus Shadow Play Pendant Lamp. The delicate circular body of the luminaire is sheathed in lokta fibre paper upon which laser-cut silhouettes of lotuses have been seamed together, casting alluring shadow-play.

City Birds Single with Canopy

These statement pendant fixtures emulate avian figures soaring flight while emanating warm illumination. Created from handcrafted lokta or banana fibre paper and perforated brass sections, the City Birds Single with Canopy lokta can be clustered to make for a striking ensemble in decorated nooks or over a festive congregational seating scape.

Vineyard Bloom Table Lamp

Washed in diaphanous hues of marsala and scarlet, the Vineyard Bloom Table Lamp is inspired by wildflowers. A quaint piece that can add character, this light ushers in an aesthetic headlined by its floral form and its sheer light that can brighten up any table setting during festive meals or over nightstands, consoles, or bookshelves in private spaces of a home. 

Pink Drum Shibori Star Pendant

Paying homage to the Japanese manual tie-dyeing art of Shibori, the Pink Drum Shibori Star Pendant combines sprightly hues with minimalism gracefully. The fixture sports a geometric star-form pattern. A great way to introduce controlled doses of colour and warmth into a space, the lighting fixture could pose as a compelling feature in reading nooks and in lively living spaces this festive season.

Gift Thoughtfully

In keeping with our adage of ‘Give Thoughtfully, Live Lightly’, one can also choose to bestow their loved ones with the gift of choice with the Oorjaa Gift Vouchers. Head on over to our website and stores to find an extensive curation of lighting fixtures that are proudly homegrown and driven by the motive of making spaces beautiful while safeguarding the environment’s needs.